How To Distinguish A Good Vape From A Bad One

Vaping has picked up quite the popularity over the past few years as it slowly but surely takes over the use of traditional cigarettes completely. These battery-powered lithium e-cigarettes are proposed to be healthier and more efficient than traditional smoking methods. Vapes utilize a controlled heating system that heats up the substance to produce vapor then inhaled. It makes it much better than cigarettes that you have to light up without controlling the intake or amount of nicotine used up.

With much of the smoking community migrating to vaping, there is an increasing demand for vapes today. Whether or not vapes are better than traditional cigarettes depends on whether you use quality vapes. While you can find top-quality vapes at Provape, it is essential to understand how to distinguish a good vape from a bad vape. The issue now goes from migrating to vapes to finding quality vapes. There are good ones, and there are bad ones. For your health and other critical factors, getting a good vape makes all the difference.

The rest of this article will explain a few topics related to vapes in detail, including how vapes work, what makes a vape good or bad, and what to look out for when purchasing a vape.

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How Does A Vape Work?

The basic difference between a vape and a traditional cigarette can be likened to the workings of a steam iron and a coal iron. Both heat up to smoothen textiles, but one works differently from the other. While a coal iron heats up to smoothen textiles, the steam iron heats up more intentionally and traditionally. In the same way, works a vape in contrast to traditional cigarettes. They both heat up, but the mode of heating up differs in functionality.

Vapes utilize a battery to heat up the substance in it, commonly known as vape juice, stored in a cartridge, releasing the vapor. Another thing about vapes is that they can contain different flavorings, which could be either nicotine-based or not. This has opened a wide door of opportunity for people looking to try other healthier alternatives to smoking. It also plays a huge role for people looking to curb or stop their smoking addiction.

As a newcomer to the world of vaping, you might come across a variety of vaping devices, some much better than others. To save yourself the stress of a bad vape, you must be able to distinguish between a good vape and a bad vape. A bad vape can ruin a good vaping experience. What then differentiates a good vape from a bad one? Beyond pricing, other factors determine the quality and reliability of a good vape. Here are a few features to look out for that let you know whether or not a vape is a good one.

Features To Look Out For In A Good Vape


With the exponential increase in vapes, numerous brands are coming up with different types, with their respective designs and features. Certain brands pride themselves on the ability to produce vapes that offer specific features. These features determine a good vape. Certain vape brands have created designs that can control the amount of nicotine burned up and vapor produced, which limits the possibility of addiction.

It also works for athletes that need to control their intake. A well-known vape brand sends across an image of being user-friendly and functional. Popular brands usually have certain features that give them an edge over other brands. So, brand type should come over price when looking to get a good vape.

Purchase Store

Where you buy your vape pen from also largely determines whether or not it is a good one. Some stores specialize in selling vaping devices of different designs and types. Most trusted stores of this kind are well accustomed to the markets, brands, and features of vapor pens. Therefore, you have a higher chance of buying a good vape pen from stores such as this than from a random store.

Another great thing about getting your vape from a store that specializes in the sale of vape pens is the knowledge and recommendation that comes with it. If you are new to vapes, you stand a higher chance of getting a good one from a store that specializes in the sale of vapes and vaping devices. They can recommend vapes with good quality and features.

Heating Chamber

One of the key features of a good vape is the heating chamber that produces vapor from the substance in the cartridge. It is the major function that sets it apart from traditional cigarettes. Vapes generally have two means of heating up; convection and conduction. Each of these heating methods has its pros and cons regarding vaping. Either method of heating up does not exactly determine which vape is better.

A vape that uses convection means can be better than one that uses conduction and vice versa. So, while both are effective methods, they could still function differently. Where the heating chamber is concerned, a good vape heats up properly, and whose chamber is very easy to clean.

Temperature Control

Here is a feature that is in high demand where vapes are concerned. Since vapes utilize a battery that sets on a heating mechanism to heat up the liquid in the cartridge, temperature control is essential. Without moderation, vapes could overheat, heating to dangerously high levels, burning up the substance in the cartridge, affecting the flavor and effect, thereby becoming dangerous to the users. A good vape should have any of the following temperature controls

  • Digital temperature control, which sets specific degrees
  • Fixed control with a single temperature setting
  • Preset control with different temperature levels

Good Battery Life

Since a vape depends on its battery to function, good battery life is a top feature of a good vape. This determines how long and how well a vape can function. A vape with a very low battery capacity is a bad vape. A good vape should be able to last for longer periods. Those that can’t last long should have a means of fast and easy recharge like a solar-powered vape. Some vapes even have a USB port that makes it easy to charge even on the go. These are examples of how a good vape should function.

Vapor Passage

The materials that line up the paths that the vapor pass through largely determines the effect of vaping on one’s health. Heating up a vape lined with plastic will end up producing harmful toxins. A vape with stainless steel or ceramics performs as a better vape. A good vape should have adjustable airflow passages as well.


Having a great vaping experience starts with getting a good vape. The essentials to look out for would be largely tied to the features that help a vape function, like the temperature and the passageways. Happy Vaping!

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