How To Find Knowledgeable Reviews For Heavy Blankets

Heavy blankets are a revolutionary way to improve sleep. Occupational therapists first introduced them to treat behavior disorders. Do they work, and how? They’re based on the concept that the pressure from the blanket makes your body produce more of the happiness hormone serotonin. We’ve covered the most knowledgeable reviews for heavy blankets in this article. Among them are Good Housekeeping, the Independent, ZZZ Review, and NBC News.

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Deep Pressure Therapy

While heavy blankets won’t cure any illness, a lot of insomniacs and anxiety sufferers swear by them. We learn from authority sites like Good Housekeeping that people who can’t move freely under the blanket should not use one. Their reviews always list the weight of the blanket, which is usually at least 5 pounds.

This needs to be taken into account when shopping for a blanket. If you’re looking for a weighted blanket for a child, talk to a pediatrician first. Keep in mind they cost more than regular blankets, generally in the range of $100 – $200. The experts at Good Housekeeping review weighted blankets on a regular basis.

They consider innovative features, materials used, how washable the blankets are, and their weight distribution. The last factor is significant. If the distribution is not optimal, the beads will clump to the sides. For these reasons, we think Good Housekeeping’s reviews are among the most knowledgeable out there.

NBC News

NBC specialize less in actual product reviews than specific information about the experience heavy blankets offer users. We learn from their site that people feel “hugged” under one, which explains the blanket’s widely recognized calming effect. It eases anxiety, lulling you gently to sleep. It is very snug and encourages the body to stay still. This is excellent news for people whose minds tend to wander, keeping them up until late at night.


ZZZ publishes the latest news related to heavy blankets, evidence-based sleep health information, and unbiased product reviews. This site has lots of informative articles spanning multiple categories, which include the best-weighted sheets for adults and children, the best blankets for anxiety, best blankets for autism, and organic weighted blankets. A section is dedicated to the cheapest weighted blankets and the best cooling weighted blankets. There is even some information about heavy blankets for dogs!

The Independent

The Independent saves its readers lots of time and the strenuous effort of searching for reliable reviews. They have an informative list of the best ten blankets on Amazon. Their top picks have tens of thousands of ratings by satisfied customers. For example, over 10,000 customers gave the Quility blanket a positive review. Choices are referred to as “one of the best investments I’ve made” and “I don’t know how I survived without a weighted blanket so long.”

We learn from the Independent that weight distribution normally stays even. It can become an issue with time in rarer cases. According to their reviews, best-weighted blankets can also help people overcome irrational fears due to nightmares and intense anxiety.

How A Weighted Blanket Can Help You

The reasons may be entirely subjective, but a weighted blanket will improve your sleep. That is a fact, and we’ve determined it by reading knowledgeable reviews, including those on the abovementioned sites.

You will feel safe and secure throughout the night. A well-written review will tell you if the blanket leaks beads, which is essential to know. You will learn which companies pressure buyers to leave reviews, which don’t, and what’s behind this. Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to buy a great product that will serve you reliably for years and years.

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