How To Fix The Most Common Online Dating Mistakes

Online dating has become a prevalent method of building a relationship. This method is the central love concept for many people or a transition period before the partners meet in real life. Often foreigners first meet brides from Russia, date online for a few months, and only then see each other. Online dating is based on virtual communication, and texting is an integral part of it.

And this is not surprising: compared to live meetings, text correspondence in instant messengers and social networks is way more comfortable and less time-consuming. However, online dating lacks real emotions, and you can get stuck in many unpleasant situations. Today we are going to discuss several online etiquette mistakes and how to fix them.

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Familiarity And Disrespect

Although remote communication in chat frees your hands and allows you to behave the way you want, it is essential to remember that it is the ability to respect and appreciate each other. If you communicate with a person you barely know and only start to open to each other, try not to scare the person away. Disrespect only breeds more disrespect.

Violation Of The Personal Boundaries Of The Interlocutor

Are you interested in your interlocutor? Do you want to know as much as possible and as soon as possible about them? Do not rush with detailed inquiries; pay attention to how comfortable your questions are to your partner.

There are topics that, in their understanding, are too personal for a stranger to talk to. Moderate your curiosity and allow the interlocutor to keep their personal space. Otherwise, they will finally “shut down,” and gaining trust a second time can be much more difficult.

Forced Discussion Of Negative Topics

Another point that follows from the previous one. Tact and empathy skills are among the most important and valuable in communication today. Whether you write letters with pigeons or speak in person, the ability to feel and capture the other person’s mood can be of immense benefit to both sides of the conversation.

If you want to discuss some topic that excites you, but you see or feel that it evokes unpleasant emotions in your interlocutor, it is better to postpone this dialogue for another time. In a sense, “pushing” such topics can become, in its way, a mockery of the interlocutor. Such behavior will not improve your relations. The likelihood of a backlash is high.

Prolonged Silence

A very awkward situation for both parties in any dialogue. Silence can be caused by intense embarrassment, discomfort from a specific interlocutor, or unwillingness to discuss a particular topic. If you ignore the person on purpose, be sure that nothing will come out of your communication. If you are too busy to answer in time, explain yourself, and tell the person that you are sorry.


One of the worst things that can happen in any relationship is deception. You should not perceive online relationships as a trial version of real love, where you can leave most of your personal life behind the screen.

When you fall in love with a person, you should be honest with them. Do not keep your real name, age, profession, or skills in secret. Do not come up with fantastic stories about unexisting experiences because everything will be revealed one day.

Require Performance Of Duties

The person on the other side of the screen doesn’t owe you anything. Never write to a person to ask them where they disappeared or why they do not answer you. Take online dating easier. Most people on dating sites talk to several people at once. If someone lost interest in you, do not bother them with awkward questions and not ask for explanations.

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