How Many Driving Lessons Do You Need Before Taking Your Test?

By far, this is the most commonly asked question in the world where driving lessons are concerned. From the moment you even consider a driving course, you want to know how quickly you can pass your test and receive your license. A great way to get hold of your license quickly is to ace your theory driving test. Practice some of the best online permit test samples that will help you pass your exam.

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), there’s no specific minimum amount of time you should spend practicing before taking your driving test. However, research suggests that it takes an average of 47 hours of driving lessons and tuition to get your license.

We’re all completely different – some pass their test within a week, others struggle for years to pass their tests.

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Improving Your Chances

In any case, there’s plenty you can do to improve your chances of passing your test sooner, rather than later. Irrespective of your age and preferred approach to tuition, the following could help steer you in the right direction from start to finish:

1. Consider Intensive Driving Lessons

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to get on the roads as quickly as possible is to consider intensive driving lessons. Rather than practicing for an hour or two every fortnight, you instead condense a whole bunch of lessons into a much shorter time period. Intensive driving courses are arranged to suit the requirements and schedules of the learner – often packing the entire process into a single week.

2. Find An Instructor You Like

In all aspects of education, it’s difficult to learn from someone you simply cannot get on with. If you do not like your instructor, you cannot expect to gain the maximum possible value from their tuition. As you’re a paying customer, you have every right to be as selective as you choose to be when picking your perfect instructor.

3. Mix Up The Driving Conditions

Most learners make the mistake of choosing the same area and at the same time of day for most (or all) of their lessons. Only to then struggle when their test takes place elsewhere at a different time of day or night. Being ready for your driving test means being prepared and confident enough to deal with all everyday driving conditions. Therefore, it can be useful to mix things up along the way.

4. Avoid Long Breaks

It’s amazing how often learner drivers take breaks in their tuition, only to never return or to leave things for years on end and start again from scratch at a later date. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, it’s highly recommended to continue your course of driving lessons until you pass. The more breaks you take and the longer the breaks are, the more difficult it becomes to get the whole thing wrapped up.

5. Consider Private Practice

Last but not least, one of the best ways of getting your license as quickly as possible is to practice privately between lessons. If you can find someone who already holds a full driving license and is kind (and patient) enough to sit beside you, it’s worth putting your provisional license to good use. It’s not quite the same experience as a professional driving lesson, but could nonetheless be just the thing boosting your skills and your confidence along the way and supplementing the lessons that you are having with your professional instructor.

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