How To Prepare For Your First Long-Haul Trucking Job

We’ve all got to pay the bills. Life is expensive these days, with the cost of rent, mortgages, energy, internet, phones, services, and utilities all consistently rising. Unless you’re a student, you are probably either working casually, part-time, or full-time.

And, at the end of the day, there comes with work a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. But what if you’ve just landed your first job as a long-haul trucker? Trucks keep the country running, delivering essential and luxury goods from the major capital cities to the most remote outback towns. So let’s discover what you need to do to get ready for this brand new job.

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Know Your Weight

Knowing your precise truck weight is essential. Some governments will impose higher taxes on heavier loads, and some local councils won’t allow loads of a certain weight to travel on smaller streets and roads. This is why you’ll see weigh stations on most major roads, especially near borders.

Have Entertainment Ready

Long-haul trucking means you’re going to be on the road for hours at a time without breaks. This means that boredom is never far away. It pays to give some thought into your entertainment options. You have a few choices here, and movies are definitely out of the question. One option is audiobooks.

You could burn through a few novels while you’re out on the road, or nonfiction if that’s your cup of tea. There are a few audiobook apps out there, some of which offer you one free book a month for keeping your membership active. Another option is music.

If you love music and whole albums, then either bring along your CD collection or sign up to a streaming app like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, or Deezer. Pumping the tunes will keep you focused and entertained while you drive. Speaking of focus…

Staying Alert

You need to be on your A-game of alertness when driving long-haul. You’re in charge of a serious piece of machinery that is often traveling between 100-110 kilometers an hour. Staying alert, especially at night, is essential.

Some truckers will drink a bit of coffee, or energy drinks, to stay awake. This is OK to start with, but if you find yourself tiring out after this, then you need to ensure you pull over to have a micro-nap or rest. This can do wonders for your energy levels and can keep you on the road for longer.

Eat And Drink Healthy

It can be tempting to indulge in sweet and sugary snacks, truck stop fried food, and unhealthy drinks while you’re on a long-haul trip. Yet combine a diet like this with long periods of sitting and driving, and you’re on a fast track to becoming overweight.

Instead, try packing a thermos of coffee or tea, some fruit juice, lots of water, and healthy meals like salads and sandwiches. Your body will thank you, and you’ll find that a healthy diet provides more sustained energy than an unhealthy one.

Cherish The Time At Home

Long trips away long-haul trucking means that time with family and friends becomes all the more important. So when you are home, ensure that you catch up with your mates, spend time with the family and connect with your loved ones.

A Trucking Conclusion

Long-haul trucking is an admirable job, but you’ll need to be appropriately prepared. Knowing your truck’s total weight is essential. Have some entertainment, like audiobooks or a decent playlist ready to go to keep you focused.

You can rely on coffee and energy drinks to stay alert, but this doesn’t discount the need for micro rests. Maintain a healthy diet and proper hydration behind the wheel, and make sure that you wholeheartedly cherish the time spent at home with your nearest and dearest.

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