How To Prevent Coronavirus From Spreading In Your Home

In early 2020, the world has been shaken by a new virus. And this new strain of coronavirus is hitting every country hard. It spreads like other viruses that cause common respiratory illnesses, such as the flu: via droplets that are released when coughing, sneezing, and breathing. Everyone was distressed, fighting coronavirus is like fighting without being able to see your enemy.

And the scariest thing is, up to this day there is no vaccine or cure for it, the entire world has been instructed to distance themselves from each other in an attempt to slow down and prevent the spread of infection, thus prompting massive social distancing measures and lockdowns that have triggered fear and uncertainty.

With this issue happening to the world, we have to take part in helping as much as we can. For everyone’s safety, we made this list of information to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading inside your home.

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Stay At Home

This is the basis on how to prevent coronavirus from spreading in your home. Restrict people from going outside your home, except on doing essentials like getting food or getting health check-ups. This way you can avoid coming in close contact with any other sick people in public areas especially crowded places like work, school, trains, and buses.

And when people at your home are showing any symptoms or feeling sick, encourage them to stay at home, and isolate them into a separate room. When people are close together, it is more likely to come into close contact with someone sick, so it is very important to avoid any nonessential travel.

Clean And Disinfect Your House

Any surface that we touch around our house posts a higher risk for the virus to be spread. With this being said, we should always clean and disinfect our house. Start with gloves every time you clean and disinfect your house. Cleaning with soap will reduce the number of germs, dirt, and impurities on the surface.

However, keep in mind that disinfecting kills only germs on surfaces. If you want to make sure that the virus is fully eliminated from your house you can also use electrostatic disinfection. It is a process where charged disinfectant is applied to a surface. While the liquid droplets are being formed, the charges are induced to them to disable the formation. This method provides the surface with deep cleansing.

Wear A Facemask If Going Out

Wearing a face mask when going outside is a huge help in slowing down the spread of coronavirus. You should wash your hands before putting it on, secure it on the top of your nose and under your chin. Make sure you put it properly without compromising your breathing quality. By using face masks you can prevent most droplets of coronavirus going into your system.

And as soon as you get home you should properly dispose of it and avoid touching the outer layer and touching your face as it can accumulate anything from the outside. Wearing a mask can prevent you from getting the virus from outside and also prevent you from spreading it to other people if you are sick.

Cover Your Mouth When Coughing And Sneezing

When you cough or sneeze you can easily spread droplets of your saliva into the air. Practice covering your mouth and nose with a tissue whenever you cough or sneeze. If you do not have access to tissue paper, you can alternatively sneeze into your sleeve. Make sure that you dispose properly of the used tissue or do not let someone touch the cloth that you sneezed at. Thoroughly wash your hand immediately with soap and water for at least twenty seconds. If someone is coughing and sneezing around you, you should also ask them to do the same.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands regularly is one of the primary ways to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. If you’ve been out in a public space, traveled via public transport, coughed, sneezed, or blew your nose it is strongly advised that you wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least twenty seconds. If you are not able to wash with soap and water you can opt for hand sanitizer or alcohol. Every time you touch any unknown surface, it is advised that you at least use a sanitizer.

Washing the hands or using hand sanitizer will help kill any viruses on the hands that you accumulate over time. Most importantly, avoid touching your face if you haven’t washed your hands.

Avoid Sharing Household Items

A person who is infected with coronavirus might be asymptomatic, therefore you should avoid sharing dishes, drinking from the same glass, using the same cups and utensils. Previous research about other coronavirus strains has shown that they are able to stand and be stable at low or freezing temperatures for a certain period of time, but if we do proper food hygiene, good food safety practices, and proper cleaning of utensils, we can prevent further transmissions.

Although not strictly encouraged, wash and clean your towels, bed sheets, any other shared item in your home. You can use disinfectant sprays and wash clothes at high temperatures.

Monitor Your Symptoms

Monitor yourself if you have any coronavirus symptoms, and if you experience any severe symptoms, ask for prompt medical attention. It is strongly advised to call the hospital or any facility first before going to have yourself checked.

This will help the healthcare provider to prepare for your needs and also to take precautionary measures to keep other people from getting infected. It will be a huge benefit if you stay healthy while staying indoors, get proper sleep, eat healthy food, and drink plenty of water. This will help you boost your immune system so you will not be vulnerable to the disease.

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the world, and it is continually causing fear and uncertainty with everyone, we should do everything to help slow down the spreading. Each one of us should do our part to slow it down and fight to stop the virus. Until we find the cure, we must stay vigilant to save and protect not only our family but also the world.

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