How Does The Quality Of A Shower Filter Affects Your Hair And Skin?

Taking a hot shower is one of the best blessings in life. No matter what you go through during your day, how stressed you are, or how exhausted you feel, a long and hot shower is going to make you feel a lot better. However, what happens when this safe haven becomes the reason why your hair and skin are suffering? I bet you’ve never thought this was possible. Yet, as it turns out, showers can be detrimental to the health of your hair and skin if the water is unfiltered.

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The Effects Of Unfiltered Water On Hair and Skin

To understand the connection between hair and skin damage and unfiltered water, we’ll have to take a closer look at what’s present in this water.

Simply put, water is purified and preserved before reaching households. To kill the bacteria and germs living in the water source, the government “purifies” this water by adding chlorine. Chlorine is an antiseptic agent that’s very effective in killing germs, but it’s not meant to be used by humans.

Even the tiniest amount of chlorine present in the water is sufficient to be absorbed through our skin in just 10 minutes of standing under the shower. On the other hand, there are other minerals in our tap water that chlorine doesn’t have any effect on. The presence of these minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, makes the water hard.

The effect of chlorine and hard water becomes obvious when we find ourselves suffering from dry hair and skin, exacerbated skin conditions, and damaged color-treated hair. The good news is that many of these issues can be resolved by adding a high-quality filter to our showerheads.

How To Choose A High-Quality Shower Filter

Once you realize the importance of using a shower filter, chances are you’ll rush to the nearest store to get one. As soon as you do that, you’ll become overwhelmed with the options you’ll find. Yet, won’t any shower filter do the job? The answer is no. Shower filters can vary greatly in efficiency, features, and prices.

In order to narrow down your list of filters for your shower, the best thing you can do is read their reviews and understand what sets them apart. Once you do that, you’ll start realizing how there are certain factors that play an important role in the quality of the shower filter you choose.

To find the best fit, you should answer the following questions:

1. What Can It Filter?

Some filters are promoted to clean your water, but many fail to deliver on this promise. You should check for the exact substances the filter is going to, well, filter. Filtering chlorine is a must for any filter, but you should also check if it does anything about hard water, bacteria, and other substances found in tap water.

2. Is It Scientifically Backed Up?

The reason why many filters fail to deliver on their promises is simple. Many of them aren’t scientifically backed up; they’re just trying to exploit the hype surrounding the importance of having shower filters. You should always check whether or not the filter you’re considering has gone through lab testing, or at least, that it has a certificate proving its efficiency.

3. What’s Its Filtering Capacity?

What are the sizes of the pores? If the filter is efficient but permits a small amount of water to pass through, your shower experience will be affected negatively.

4. How Long Can It Last?

The average lifespan of a good shower filter lasts anywhere between 2 to 6 months, after which you should change it. You’ll find filters claiming to have a much longer life span. Unless they provide scientifically backed up evidence on their extended operational efficiency, you shouldn’t trust their word for it.

5. What Are the Filter Requirements?

Shower filters can vary in the way they operate. Some filters are powered by electricity; others are powered by the force of gravity. Electric filters are going to increase your electricity bill, so choosing a gravity-fed filter can be a better option.

6. Is A Shower Filter Enough?

If you live in an area where the quality of water is bad in general, then perhaps you need more than a shower filter to maintain your health. In these cases, installing a home water filtration system will provide you with cleaner water.

Unfiltered water can cause many hair and skin problems, and the best way to avoid that is by installing a high-quality shower filter. The quality of a shower filter makes all the difference in the world. To get the best results, make sure to understand how it operates, its scientific basis, its efficacy, and any other requirements it may need.

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