How To Reduce Maintenance Cost For Your Swimming Pool

One of the best ways to reduce your pool’s maintenance cost is to clean your pool regularly. The longer you let your pool stay in poor condition with algae, dirt, and debris, the more time and money you’ll have to spend to restore your pool back to its clear state.

The first step to cleaning your pool is to skim your pool surface frequently so you don’t allow debris to pile up in your pool.

It also helps to invest in a good auto pool cleaner, which is energy-efficient and effectively sanitizes your pool. Furthermore, automatic pool cleaners are self-programmable and move around your pool on their own, helping you save a significant amount of time.

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Maintain Good Chemical Balance

Maintaining a good chemical balance in your pool is a must if you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money on buying expensive chemicals. But more importantly, it’s vital for the health of you and your pool.

So you need to routinely measure important metrics in your pool, such as pH, alkalinity, and stabilizer level. You want to ensure you get an accurate measurement, so you don’t waste your chemicals for no good reason.

Make sure you do your best to maintain a pH level of around 7.4 to 7.6, which is an ideal range. It’s also important to keep the right level of cyanuric acid in your pool since it helps chlorine work more effectively. If your stabilizer level dips low, your chlorine will either get burned off by the sun or become useless, forcing you to spend additional money on buying chlorine.

If it’s challenging for you to maintain a good chemical balance in your pool, whether it be due to time constraints or lack of experience, I recommend hiring professionals.

Yes, you’ll have to pay for their service, but it’ll be a smaller price than the price you’ll have to pay for the poor maintenance of your pool.

Use Pool Covers

Using a pool cover is another effective way to lower your maintenance cost. Pool covers do a great job of keeping your pool water from evaporating at a rapid rate, helping you save money on water costs.

Also, your pool heater doesn’t have to spend as much energy to maintain the water temperature, which further reduces energy costs.

Moreover, pool covers protect your pool water from debris and dirt, so you can spend your weekend afternoon with your family rather than frustratingly walking around your pool with a pool skimmer.

Shock Your Pool At Night

Shocking is the process of increasing the amount of free chlorine in your pool. Many pool owners make the mistake of shocking their pool during the daytime, which is not ideal since sunlight degrades chlorine and makes it useless.

One rather obvious way to fix this problem is to shock your pool at night when there’s no sun outside. This will allow your pool to enjoy the full benefit of shocking without being affected by the sun.

Use An Energy-Efficient Pump

The type of pool pump you use makes a big difference in your monthly energy cost. You can save close to 80 to 90% of your energy cost by using a high-quality variable-speed pump over a single-speed pump.

With the variable-speed pump, you can adjust the speed at which it operates. So if your pool doesn’t need your pump to run fast, you can simply dial down the speed, preventing unnecessary energy use.

A single-speed pump is all or nothing. It either runs at full speed, or it’s off. There’s no middle ground.

What usually holds people back from buying a variable-speed pump is its price since it’s usually quite a bit more expensive than a single-speed pump. But because you’ll be saving so much more money on energy bills, it will pay for itself over a year or two. So, it helps to view the pump as a long-term investment if you’re trying to justify its price.

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