How To Save Space In A Your home

Many homeowners struggle with limited living space, whether they live in full-fledged standalone homes, condos, or apartments. While decluttering your home can help to increase the living space in your home, other options can help you to save space in your home and increase the livable space that you have.

Having said that, different home designs offer unique opportunities to save space, and being creative with the living area available can help to improve the way you live in your home. Here are some ideas that a homeowner should consider to maximize their living space.

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1. Minimize Dead Space

It is easy to calculate the square footage of a home or apartment by measuring the dimensions of the home. Much of this living space is wasted or dead due to several different factors. Some of this dead space is inevitable, such as having space in front of your shower or oven so that you can step into and out of those areas, but much of the dead space in your home can be minimized and converted to productive use.

As a typical example, the two feet near each door in a home is wasted and considered to be “dead space” as space is needed to swing the door open and closed. When a homeowner multiples the number of doors that they have in each room in their house or apartment, they can start to see the significant portion of their living space that is wasted.

A homeowner can save space at home by installing a barn door hardware into their home. Sliding barn doors serve the same purpose as any other door and overhang the entranceway. To open the door, they slide open and don’t require the two feet on either side of the door open for a swinging door. This helps save space at home.

While many sliding barn doors are thought to be rustic, they need not be, although they are often attractive with that wood look and feel. Modern homes can also have barn doors that are painted and new in appearance. Overall being creative with your space and minimizing the dead space in your home with sliding barn doors or other solutions can be an excellent opportunity for a homeowner.

2. Utilize Dead Space

A homeowner can often utilize this dead space in creative ways. As noted, some dead space is inevitable but can be converted into usable space. Long hallways are needed to connect rooms in some homes but are unlivable due to their narrow size.

However, that doesn’t mean this space is completely wasted, as shelving units or bookcases can be installed to utilize some aspect of this space effectively. Many homeowners can and should go vertical, wherever practical, to make additional space in areas that may be otherwise unused.

3. Multi-Use Rooms

Many homeowners make the mistake of designing one room for watching television, another room for using a computer and getting work done in, and yet another room as a playroom for their children. Eliminating single-use rooms can allow a homeowner to cut down on their unneeded space and maximize their floor plan. As a point, how many hours during the daytime does a homeowner typically spend in their bedroom?

Typically, only minimal amounts of time as they sleep at night and move into their living room during the daytime. Being able to convert a bedroom used at night to an office during the day can allow the homeowner to cut down on the wasted space and maximize their space accordingly.

To find efficiencies think of when each room is utilized and how you can incorporate the activities that you perform during other moments of the day into the living space. Avoid devoting living space for a task performed only occasionally.

4. Declutter Your Home

It is important to not burden a home with all numbers of unnecessary items. Save space by regularly decluttering and removing all but the most essential items. If you use items infrequently, then don’t own them and rent them instead, such as with tools or other large equipment items.

Consider reaching out to neighbors and sharing items between you both to save money and unnecessary space. Many people will feel as if their homes are overflowing with items and don’t have sufficient space to properly live in. Small changes can make a resounding impact on your living situation and help you to have more space to enjoy your home.

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