How To Stay Safe When Working In The Construction Industry

Working in the construction industry, especially if you are a part of a union that has bargained for good pay, can be one of the most rewarding career paths out there. With that said, it is not without its risks.

This is especially true in the coronavirus pandemic, with the construction industry classed as an essential industry that has been allowed to proceed regardless. To help you keep safe when working in the industry, this guide has been created in order to recommend a variety of safety-first practices. Read on now in order to learn more. Before starting, however, you might ask yourself.

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What If I’ve Already Been In An Accident?

If you were in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you might actually be entitled to some form of compensation. Whether it’s poor practices or a simple mistake, it’s worth consulting with a lawyer in order to bring a claim against the company in order to be properly compensated. You should hire a construction accident lawyer in NYC in order to get an idea of how much you will be owed.

Secure Scaffolding

Scaffolding can be very dangerous if not secured properly. Make sure that, before anyone gets up onto the site, whether it’s after a day or a weekend, the scaffolding is properly secured so any disaster can be averted. Whether it’s installing a guardrail, or using a frame for setting up on uneven ground, a secure scaffold can have you focusing on the only part that matters: getting the job finished on time.

Hardhats On

Keeping your hardhat on is a simple measure that can protect you from objects falling onto your head, which can leave you with a nasty concussion or can even be fatal. It’s also worth considering that if you are injured and you weren’t wearing a hardhat, it might be hard for you to be properly compensated, making wearing it a no-brainer when you are working on site.

Attend Your Induction

No two sites are the same, no matter how experienced you may believe that you are before setting foot on a construction site. That’s why you should attend your induction before starting work. Make sure that you become fully cognizant of the risks that are involved with construction before heading onto the site. Additionally, make sure that you read all the signs on-site so you can be aware of all the different risks involved.

Social Distancing And Masks When Possible

Despite a very successful vaccination campaign, there is still the possibility that you could contract the coronavirus while on site. That’s why you should social distance yourself when possible and wear a mask at nearly all times. While it may seem impractical to wear a medical mask when working outside in the heat, they should definitely be worn at all other times, no matter whether or not you have been vaccinated. This should be easy enough to adhere to as PPE is usually required on construction sites for a variety of unrelated reasons.

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