How To Tell If Your Weed Vape Cartridge Is Safe Or Counterfeit

Weed vape cartridges are a popular method of consuming cannabis. They’re discreet, easy to use, and produce a more prolonged high than smoking or vaporizing the plant directly. Vape cartridges are also great because they’re more cost-effective than buying pre-rolled joints or other cannabis products that don’t last as long.

However, if you’ve read any news recently, you might be worried about fake weed vape cartridges and how to check if yours is authentic. While this fear is warranted, it’s not necessary to worry about every weed cartridge you see. There are some simple ways to check if your vape cartridge is safe and secure without needing to be an expert on counterfeiting or drug manufacturing. If you’re planning to purchase weed vape cartridges, here’s how to tell if they are real or fake.

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The Marketplace Of Untested And Unsafe Vape Cartridges

There are quite a few counterfeit cannabis products in the world today, but with the legalization of cannabis in almost every country, the vape cartridge industry is booming. Regrettably, the vape cartridges that are available on some online marketplaces are often unverified and unsafe.

Some vape cartridges have been found to have illegal pesticides, dangerous chemicals, and even lead. There have even been counterfeit vape cartridges that are filled with concrete. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to tell if a vape cartridge is real or fake, even with all the warning signs here. The best way to avoid buying an unsafe and unverified vape cartridge is to buy from a trusted dispensary or to buy direct from the manufacturer.

How To Tell If Your Cannabis Vape Cartridge Is Legit?

Before you rush out to buy a new cartridge, you should be aware of a few warning signs that may indicate a counterfeit product. First and foremost, always check the packaging. According to Hemper, every vape cartridge typically has specific packaging information as proof of veracity. If the package is damaged and open, or if there is any writing on the outside of the box, avoid the product. If there is a sticker on the box, make sure it matches the product inside the box. If the sticker is different, it could be a fake sticker, and the product inside may not be authentic.

Secondly, check the inside to see if it’s real or fake. You can also check the composition of the contents with a magnet to see if the cartridge is filled with metal pieces. If so, it could be an imitation product that uses screws and other metal pieces to keep the cartridge together. In addition, you can use a UV light to check the contents of the cartridge. If the cartridge is real, it will glow under UV light.

You can use CO2 to test the authenticity of the cartridge. If the cartridge is real, it will have a sudden pressure drop when it’s pierced, and the CO2 will be released. If not, it will take a long time for the CO2 to escape. Finally, check the price. If the cartridge is far cheaper than you would expect, it may be fake. There are some places like Craigslist where you can get authentic products including refillable vape cartridges for a fraction of the price, but remember that you are usually getting what you pay for.

Other Things To Look For When Checking Your Weed Vape Cartridge

Other vital elements to look out for include the writing on the outside of the package, which should match what’s written on the inside. If you have a sophisticated counterfeit, it may have both fake labels, but even then it will be easy to spot. Some of the easiest ways to check if a weed vape cartridge is real or not are to look at the color, the design, and the weight of the product.

In terms of color, you want to make sure that the cartridge you’re holding is a natural color. Make sure that the cartridge you’re holding is a natural color. Vape cartridges should be a dark brown or black color, rather than green like raw cannabis.

In terms of design, you want to look out for logos and brand names. Some good brands that are known for producing high-quality and best vape cartridges include Brass Knuckles, Cannador, Moxie, and Select Oil. If the cartridge has a logo, you can use that to find where it came from. If it doesn’t have a logo, you can use an online database to find out where it was produced.

Finally, check the weight of the cartridge. The cartridge should be about the same weight as an authentic product of a similar size. This can be harder to check if you have a small cartridge, but if it is significantly heavier or lighter than normal, it may be a sign of a counterfeit.

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