Plant-Growing Maternity Vest For People Who Love Their Plants

I never stop marveling over the weird stuff people continuously come up with. We have covered quite a lot of that stuff here on Bit Rebels. The creativity people showcase never seems to run out. Some of the things people think up are almost other worldly, almost to the point of insanity. When I was presented with the plant-growing maternity vest, I didn’t really know what to think. Was it a joke or did someone finally come up with something so out there that you just couldn’t believe it?

It turns out that this plant-growing maternity vest is the real deal, and it could become the primary accessory for people who just can’t stay away from their plants for very long. I mean, how do you describe something that you’ve never even seen before? It’s a vest, yes. It’s meant to keep you closer to your plants…or I assume so. It hints of the feeling all mothers feel when carrying their growing unborn child…yes. So what is it good for? Well, all of the above I would assume.

The invention was brought to life by Alice Kim, and it allows people to carry their youngster plants as if they were real babies. The idea behind it is to make people more aware of the fact that plants, just like babies, need affection and care throughout their growth.

The maternity vest is made out of PVC plastic and is transparent in order to allow the wearer to seamlessly wear it with whatever clothes he or she has on. The maternity vest is also a great reminder of what plants and all vegetation give us humans throughout their lifetime. We get oxygen and food from plants, and that is one of the reasons why Alice decided to create the maternity vest.

She also created the Plant-Stroller, which is a stroller you can use to haul around your plant if it grows too big for the maternity vest itself. As weird as this thing might be to you, it has a much larger purpose. I am definitely one of the people who agrees with what Alice is trying to do, which is to make people more aware of the importance of all things growing on the planet.

Alice Kim’s Plant-Growing Maternity Vest




Via: [psfk]