How To: Curl Your Hair Using Paper Bag

When you have been styling your hair with chemicals and exposing it to frequent blow drying, your hair can actually suffer from damages that won’t help you look your best. Found a tutorial that is quiet simple to follow and the best part of all, you use paper bags, and there is no heat required to achieve the beautiful curl effect.

Here is the step by step guide:

1) Start off with damp hair, not wet hair because that will soak the paper leaving it useless.

2) Get a few paper brown bags ready.

3) Take your paper bags and strip them down vertically…

4) With a pair of scissors, cut the ends off…

5) Now you have your paper bags ready….

6) Get your hair ready too, we are going to start rollin!

7) Take a small section of your hair and wrap the paper bag around it,

8) Pull it down, twist the hair around until you have a V like shape and while the hair is still wrapped in the paper, start rolling up your hair.

9) Tie the 2 loose ends into a knot…or just twist it. Which ever is easier for you

10) Now you are going to do this until you have no hair left to curl…