How To Improve Sleep Quality To Boost Energy & Productivity

Many employees feel so desperate to excel in their career while juggling all of life’s other responsibilities that they sacrifice the quality and quantity of their sleep. Not only is this plan ineffective, but it can also cause serious health consequences as well.

Anyone who truly desires to achieve greater productivity in their day-to-day life must get consistent, high-quality sleep. While getting into a good routine with sleep takes time and effort, the results will be well worth it.

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Exercise Every Day

People who sit at a desk for most of their workday just don’t get enough daily exercise unless they make a point to pursue it. Exercising daily at least three hours before going to bed can help the body get rid of excess energy and prepare for the transition to sleep.

Exercise naturally increases blood oxygen levels, which are critical for restorative sleep. Daily exercise and deep sleep each night help make the mind sharp and the body strong to perform at higher levels of productivity.

Caffeine, Nicotine, And Alcohol Can Cause Insomnia

The substances people put into their bodies during the day can have a big impact on whether they struggle to fall and stay asleep or have an easy time getting to sleep. If it’s impossible to get by without coffee or soda, drink it as early in the day as possible. It’s especially important to drink the last caffeinated beverage at least several hours before bedtime.

Smokers should understand that nicotine can affect the sleep cycle in addition to the numerous other effects it has on the body. A doctor can provide patients with resources if they find that they’re having a difficult time giving up the habit. Finally, consider eliminating or cutting back on alcohol consumption since it can make for restless nights and difficult mornings.

Consider Side Sleeping

Lying flat on the back all night can cause airway obstructions that can also increase the intensity of snoring. This is due to the weight of the body pressing against the lungs. Sleep studies have indicated that sleeping on the right or left side allows for better breathing quality and reduces the likelihood of snoring or sleep apnea. It can also protect the lungs from collapsing during sleep.

Other Benefits Of Improved Sleep Quality

Productivity is a general term that means a person accomplishes what he or she set out to do that day or even more. It requires physical, cognitive, and mental energy to consistently remain productive.

Some Of The Specific Productivity Benefits People Can Expect When They Prioritize High-Quality Sleep Include:

  • Better short-term and long-term memory
  • Faster reaction time
  • Greater creativity
  • Improved decision-making skills and judgment
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Reduces risk of personal or professional burnout

Seek Medical Advice If Lifestyle Changes Don’t Improve Sleep Quality

Some sleep problems are so significant that they require medical intervention to resolve. For those who have attempted lifestyle changes with little or no improvement in sleep quality, scheduling an appointment with a sleep specialist is the logical next step. Prescription medication and therapy to help reduce stress are just two options a sleep specialist might recommend.

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