4 Ways Your Work Area Could Be Destroying Productivity [Infographic]

Look around your work area right now. Is it an inspiring place to sit and be productive? When it comes to productivity at work, there are all kinds of tips and tricks we can use to increase our inspiration and creativity. However, what’s not as easy to determine is what exactly sabotages our productivity. The reason is because we don’t usually know what things are destroying our productivity until we implement solutions that fix them. That’s when we usually have an ah-ha moment.

For me, that has happened twice recently. First, when I realized by accident that if I protect my most energetic hours of the day for the most important tasks, I get twice as much done the rest of the day. And secondly, when I realized that my work area plays a huge role in my productivity. What have you noticed about your own productivity?

Your work area could also be affecting your productivity in a negative way, and you might not even realize it right now. If you feel more inspired and productive while you are sitting somewhere else in the room with your laptop, it’s a good sign your work area needs some rearranging. In this infographic called 4 Ways Your Desk Destroys Your Productivity (by OPENForum), you’ll see some of the most common ways your work area could be ruining your productivity.

I can definitely relate to the “piles of papers” example listed on here. If I need a boost of inspiration, sometimes all I need to do is clean up the useless piles of papers and sticky notes scattered all over my desk. When your work area is all organized, pristine and orderly, it can enhance productivity more than you may realize – that and a Tetris Desk Lamp. tee hee

How Is Your Work Area Affecting Your Productivity?



Via: [visual.ly] Header Image Credit: [Ridiculously Efficient]