How To Kiss A Girl Back In 1911 [Infographic]

Kissing a girl today compared to back in 1911 seems to be very different. Why? Well, if I asked you how you kiss a girl, I am sure we would get as many answers as there are people out there. With culture comes lifestyle, and with lifestyle comes a slew of different ways to do things. People have always mimicked what they see in the media outlets. When we look at this almost prehistoric tutorial that depicts how to kiss a girl in 1911, we suddenly understand class is long gone.

Before I started writing about this infographic called Do You Know How To Kiss A Girl? Then Learn!, I went over it in my head wondering how I could write about it without it sounding like a sleazy romantic novel. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy! I guess I will approach it from a more humorous angle if possible.

It’s evident that class is thrown out the window these days, especially when it comes to how to kiss a girl. When I read through this infographic, it’s all about suspense and not the kiss itself, right? The first thing that came to my mind were the lingering kissing scenes back in the ’30s which would go on forever. We have all seen the black and white movies that seem almost ancient, right? That’s what I am talking about. Maybe they looked at this tutorial as a reference.

I am sure if you ask any girl, they would all rather get a kiss old school style than have to endure the breach of privacy that the electrical mixer approach ensures. Why not mix it up a bit, right? This infographic on how to kiss a girl back in 1911 is a tutorial that I am sure is tried and proved throughout the over 100 years it has been available. As some of the girls I have talked to have said, kissing is an art, and if you haven’t mastered it, practice! Oh, and then there is the gum too, don’t forget that.

The Ultimate Tutorial On How To Kiss A Girl – 1911 Style


Via: [UFunk – French]