How To Make A Baby With An Air Pump [7 Pictures]

If you want to know how to make a baby almost instantly, this article is for you. Have you always wondered if there’s a faster way to make a baby than the old-fashioned way? I have good news for you. There is. All you apparently need is an air pump and a good sense of humor. Just stick the end of the pump into the lady’s belly and blow that puppy up. Before you know it, your new little bambino will pop right out. Sounds fast, right? I read today that the average couple has sex 104 times before conceiving, so yeah, I’d say this is much faster.

Too bad this little photographic tutorial for how to make a baby isn’t exactly true, but it sure is creative. Photographer Patrice Laroche and his beautiful baby mama, Sandra Denis, created this very fun photography series to share their pregnancy journey with family and friends. What a great idea! I’m sure these photos were a lot of fun to take, and I have no doubt the recipients enjoyed them as well.

Their precious baby girl, Justine, even got to make an appearance in the pictures. So the next time you are wondering how to make a baby in more ways than one, just take a little trip to the gas station and borrow the air hose. Just be careful because judging from the pictures below, when the baby pops out, it’s quite an explosion that will knock you down. I like how Sandra’s stomach deflated almost instantly. I don’t remember it quite being like that when I had a baby. The next time your little kiddies ask you how to make a baby, just show this these pictures. That oughta confuse them enough not to ask you that question again for a few years.

How To Make A Baby With An Air Pump


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