How To: Make A Difficult Task Easier!

This week has been so hectic for my office mates and me. It seems that the workload is not easing up as much as we want it to. However, it is a challenge and a good problem to have. But, at the same time, there are moments in the day that are so hectic that you feel like you are drowning. Do you ever have one of those days or even one of those weeks?  Challenging assignments will come your way, and the question is, can you handle them?

If you are like me and you have been experiencing this lately, I might be able to help you by giving you some pointers that have helped me survive those days when the only break you have is updating your FaceBook status with the message “I wish it was the weekend already!”

Finish the easy tasks first – Some tasks can really be difficult, hence the long hours spent on making everything work. Sometimes it really helps if you focus on the easiest parts of the job and work your way up to the more difficult ones. As I have always encouraged in my other articles, jot the tasks down on a piece of paper and cross out the things you have already accomplished. By doing so, you will monitor your progress with ease and not get disheartened or feel like the task is so overwhelming.

Don’t let fear get in your way – We tend to feel scared or afraid of failing at difficult tasks and that often times makes us avoid facing up to the challenges ahead.  We are not perfect, but always remember that challenges are there to help us grow even stronger and make us better.

Ask for help – If the task at hand becomes too daunting, it is always good to ask for assistance. Delegating some of the work will enable you to focus on the most important tasks at hand. Learn to trust the people you work with and just make sure that you brief them properly so that you can be assured of a smooth work flow and fewer mistakes.

Think of the benefits it will bring you – One thing that you will feel after you have accomplished a difficult task is self fulfillment and the knowledge of what you are capable of under pressure. It will certainly boost your self confidence. Try to use what you have learned with this difficult task for future projects. Share your experiences with your team.

Maybe you have some other tips that you can share with us. We would love to hear them!

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