How To: Make A McDonald’s Big Mac At Home

I just wrote an article earlier today about social media campaigns, and like with a lot of marketing concepts both online and offline, it doesn’t take long before the name McDonald’s enters the conversation. McDonald’s could arguably be one of the most recognized companies in the world (or rather their golden arches are), and it’s always fun to write about their successes.

When it comes to their online campaigns, McDonald’s has had their share of missteps just like everyone else. Their Twitter #McDStories campaign from earlier this year had less than stellar results (you can read about that here), but they are back now with something that is keeping them in the viral spotlight like a true superstar.

They’re doing something quite simple, and as we’ve always said, the simple campaigns seem to work the best. They take questions from their customers and create a video for each one with the answers. These videos are so well done, and surprisingly super interesting. Of course, all of this explains why so many blogs are now writing about McDonald’s regularly. It’s all so brilliant when you think about it.

About a month ago, one of their customers asked why the McDonald’s burgers always look different at the restaurant than in the advertising. McDonald’s responded with a video which showed a real McDonald’s food photo shoot, which was fascinating. I wrote about it in an article called So That’s Why It Looks Different: McDonald’s Food Photo Shoot.

And… Here we are again. Another McDonald’s customer asked “What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?” The executive chef at McDonald’s answered with the video below. Did you know you can make a Big Mac right at home? Yup, it’s true. He will show you how. By the way, one of my favorite part of these videos, and something which I’m sure creates more interest online, is the fact that they don’t do a long boring corporate intro which we see a lot in videos from big brands. Once again, McDonald’s shows everyone else how it’s done. You can get the text recipe from this video here.


Via: [WonderHowTo] Header Image Credit: [Marcelo Monzon]