How To Make An Anti-Stress Miniature Zen Garden For Your Desk [Chart]

The purpose of a Zen garden, or Japanese rock garden, is to help de-stress and relax you when you need a breather from life. It is supposed to evoke feelings of tranquility, calmness and peace. It usually consists of just a few natural elements like sand, gravel and rocks. If you like to get into your Zen zone during the day, this DIY miniature Zen garden can help. You can create your own little place of peace, and keep it right on top of your desk.

Not only are miniature Zen gardens nice to look at, they are very inexpensive to make. They don’t require much maintenance either since you don’t have to feed or water it. All you really need to do is find a place for it to sit on your desk, and you’ll have a way to access your Zen any time you want.

In your Zen garden, the sand or gravel will represent water. The carefully selected rocks (you don’t want to use too many of them) will represent land. The little rake (or fork) can be used to create patterns in the sand and natural curves around the rocks or smooth stones.

According to this chart called How To Make A Mini Zen Sand Garden by Yumi Sakugawa, creating a miniature Zen garden is super easy. You shouldn’t have to go out and buy anything since all the supplies are things you probably have in or around your home. I like the idea of using an old frame to house your garden. You can even add some special seashells or tiny air plants to give it a personal touch.

Now you’ll have the Zen garden you always wanted. The question is, will it really help you de-stress during the day? I suppose only you can answer that question.

How To Make An Anti-Stress Miniature Zen Garden

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Via: [WonderHowTo]