How To Pick Best Eco-Friendly Roofing Options For Your Home

Most people have developed the habit of neglecting their roofs or choosing the wrong options that are sustainable. Making the right decision about roofing options for your home might be a daunting task, especially when it’s about picking a roof that will serve you and equally save the environment.

According to Frisco Roofing, about 30% of energy losses in your home have your roof responsible for it which gradually generates into a rise in your energy bills, the comfort and safety of your premises and heating costs.

To prevent occurrences like this, there is some information you need to be equipped with to make the best roofing choice. Whether you plan to change your roof or repairing it, Frisco Roofing has compiled some wholesome ways you can choose an eco-friendly roof for repairs or replacement. Below are some of them.

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Picking The Right Material

A combination of durable and ‘cool’ equates an eco-friendly roof in every sense. The longer a roof lasts, the less negative impact it has on the environment which brings to the subject of durability. A roof that has the capacity to reflect the sun’s heat and send it back to the sky will curtail the heat amount your house receives, and it will also aid in energy use reduction and drop the use of your HVAC system. Based on the above piece, Frisco Roofing recommends the following materials.

Asphalt Shingles

One of the least expensive roofing materials, Asphalt Shingles are petroleum-based products which are manufactured with a lot of energy and recycling. They have been regarded as the greenest roofing material in these times as a massive amount of un-biodegradable waste is diverted from the landfill. When processing Asphalt shingles, there is basically no expended energy.


For people that live in dry climates, metal roofing can be a great option. To get the best of out a metal roof, have it painted with a light color and reflective coating which can increase its cooling properties


Finding sustainable wood options for roofing is quite challenging, especially in this tech era compared to the old days when wood for roofs was extracted from mature growth trees. A wood shingle made from an FSC certified or reclaimed lumber is recommended anytime.

Check Your Insulation

To make sure the temperature outside doesn’t affect the temperature inside, which is the insulation, your residential or commercial building requires a good layer of insulation. Proper insulation can prevent your building from being unseasonably warm and intolerably cold. According to Frisco Roofing, if there is a deficiency in insulation, your home could be at the risk of leakage and water damage.

Consult A Professional

This option cannot be undermined when fixing or replacing a damaged roof. Doing it yourself might cause a lasting disaster. Do due diligence by searching for renowned professionals in the roofing fields who will provide you with an excellent roofing guide on durable and eco-friendly roofing options. A contractor that can recycle your old roofing materials other than dumping it in landfills, most of all, you can have a solid warranty and save huge cost.

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