How to Rule The World When You’re 2 Years Old

Don’t we all sometimes wish we could work a crowd and just make them react to every little gesture we make? And imagine how cool it would be if this actually worked…and you were just 2 years old. What would you do then? What would be your first “command” so to speak? I am sure we all can think of quite a few, right? Well, turns out the world isn’t like that…if you’re not the President that is and not many of us will ever be in that position.

However, for Will this spontaneously happened one day when he visited the parade with his mom. This 2 year old found himself in control of a rather large crowd and made sure he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. With some encouraging words from his mom he steamed into action.

Will is now taking it easy at home thinking up his next step in taking over the world.