How To: Undress in 2 Seconds | Save a day to save the World!

Here’s one that I have really been looking for. Lately things have been hectic and sleep is no longer an option to be prioritized. I have long been telling myself I need to do things more effective in order to be able to push more cool things into one day worth of work. There are people out there that analyses even things like how to button up their jeans in order to save time throughout their life so they should have a few pointres right?

They button up their jeans from the bottom up instead of the other way around. This saves them about a half second or a second to continue button up their shirt. If you save a second each time you button up your jeans this way and calculated you go to the bathroom about 2 times a day. Also consider you button up your jeans in the morning and also when you go to bed. If we also calculated that you live till you turn 70 years old and you learn how to button up your jeans when you’re 10 years old you save approximately 131,400 seconds over a 60 year period.

((6*365)*60)=(131,400/60)=(2,190/60)=36,5 Hours

(Button Ups*Days)*Years=Seconds/Seconds per Minutes=Minutes/Minutes per Hour=Hours

Throughout your life you will save more than one and a half day doing it this way and that’s without further effort. Yeah I know it’s quite geeky but if you did this to everything you’re doing throughout the day imagine how many days you could save up for something more rewarding. Something with more purpose.

I challenge you to come up with more ways to make your living more effective. Share them with us and help us be more effective. Maybe we could all take that extra time and do something good in the world. Help someone with the time you save and make our days here on this ball of magic an unforgettable experience.

Change is good for the mind and the mind helps us grow. So, imagine what you can achieve with a little bit of rearranging in your life. The impact could be huge for yourself and for everyone else.

Save A Day To Save The World

This clip could help you on your way to a more effective life. Besides being really useful if you know how to do it, it is quite funny as well. The reactions are to pay for…and I am sure some did.