How To Write A Fantasy Book – The Complete Guide

Fantasy novels are stories that take place in an entirely fictional world. There are several sub-genres of fantasy including High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Fairytale Fantasy. The best way to write a fantasy novel is to come up with a detailed and well-thought-out world and to populate it with interesting and believable characters. Many other factors contribute to the greatness of a fantasy novel, which will be explored in-depth throughout this guide. It will also give you some useful insights into how to write a fantasy book that is both captivating and original.

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Find The Right Illustrators For Your Fantasy Book

Perhaps the most important thing in writing a fantasy book is finding the right illustrator to help create the world you have envisioned. Great fantasy illustrations can bring your novel to life and immerse the reader in your world in a way that words alone cannot. They can also help to convey the mood and atmosphere of your story, which is especially important in fantasy novels where the setting is often just as important as the plot.

When looking for fantasy book illustrators it is important to find someone who not only has a lot of talent but who also shares your vision for the story. You will need to discuss with them what you want them to do, from creating character sketches to illustrating entire scenes. Make sure you are clear about what you want and that you are happy with their work before signing any contracts.

Create Detailed Maps Of Your Fantasy World

Maps are another important aspect of writing a fantasy book, as they can help to give the reader a better idea of the world you have created. A well-drawn map can also add to the atmosphere and be a valuable tool for the author. When creating your maps, make sure that you incorporate all the details that are important to your story.

This could include everything from the layout of the cities to the names and locations of important landmarks. You may also want to consider including a map key, which will explain the symbols and colors used on your map. The more detailed your maps are, the more helpful they will be to both you and your readers.

Come Up With Unusual And Interesting Creatures

In most fantasy novels, some beings go beyond the human imagination. These often include dragons, elves, and other fantastic creatures. However, it is important not to use creatures that have already appeared in fantasy literature. Instead, try to think of something new. The best way to do this is by researching interesting animals that already exist and drawing inspiration from them.

This can be especially effective for mythical creatures, as you are likely to find an animal with some amazing abilities that you can incorporate into your monster. For example, consider a bird called the Roc which has so much strength it can lift elephants off the ground, or an alligator whose jaws close so quickly it can sever a human head in half.

Create Unique Names For Places And People

Creating names for places and people is another crucial part of writing a good fantasy book. One useful approach is to take parts of words from different languages and combine them to form new words. Try to use the sounds of the language you are borrowing from in your creation so that it flows more naturally. You may also want to consider making up a completely fictitious language for your book, which can add depth if used sparingly.

Avoid using names that have already appeared in popular fantasy literature or other forms of media. Your world must be unique and original, so take special care with this aspect of writing a fantasy book.

Write About Things That Have Never Been Written About Before

The best way to make sure you are writing an original story is by writing about something people have never read about before in any other novel, whether it be mythology or history. A good idea is to look into your heritage and write about some of the interesting stories that have been passed down through your family.

Scribophile mentions that many stories—if not all stories—have their roots somewhere in the collective library of imagination. When composing your own work, try using old myths and legends as literary devices to ground your story as you retell them from a new perspective. You could retell a familiar story, or you could simply use myths and legends as inspiration for the sort of values, strengths, and weaknesses you want to explore in your own characters.

This will also help you keep things fresh, as you are writing about something personal that has an impact on you. Another option is to research different cultures around the world and come up with a new take on mythology or folklore from a part of the world that isn’t often explored in fantasy novels.

Come Up With An Interesting And Engaging Plot

While a well-drawn world and interesting characters are important, the plot is what will keep readers turning the pages of your fantasy novel. There are many different types of fantasy plots, from quests and adventures to epic wars between kingdoms. However, whatever type of plot you choose it is important to make sure that it is well-paced and engaging. Don’t bog down your readers with too much description or too many boring scenes. Keep the action going at a good pace and make sure that there is always something happening to keep the reader interested.

Know When To Add Magic And Mystery

While it is important to have a good plot, world, and characters, magic and mystery are also essential elements of a good fantasy book. These can add excitement and intrigue for readers, who will want to know what happens next. However, it is important not to overuse these elements and make your story seem too unbelievable. Try to add just enough magic and mystery so that the reader feels like they are in a different world, but don’t go too far overboard.

Another useful tip when it comes to magic and mystery is to try not to explain everything. Even if your characters know how a magic spell works or find out some information that explains what happened in the past, don’t explain it to your readers. It’s important to leave some mysteries unsolved and make your fans feel like they’ve become a part of your world.

Think About Why You Write Fantasy

Good fantasy books should not just be about having fun by creating a whole other world but also show what it tells us about humanity and our real lives. In every fantasy novel, there should be at least one lesson addressed by the story, which can include everything from moral lessons to trying to understand the meaning of life.

This is a crucial part that a lot of fantasy authors often forget, and it can make a world of difference for readers who are looking to find something more from their novels. It is also important not to forget that just because you’re writing about a fantasy world, it doesn’t mean your book can escape the rules of grammar and punctuation.

Writing a fantasy book is not an easy task, but it surely is an exciting journey.  With the right kind of preparation and dedication, you can make it through and write an excellent fantasy novel. Therefore, make sure that you take your time with each step and make sure that everything is perfect before moving on to the next one. With the help of this guide, you are now more than ready to embark on your journey and write a fantasy book that will be remembered by readers for years to come. Good luck!

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