I Heart Geeks: A Tribute To Geeky Summer Fun!

Summertime is always a fun time of year. A lot of people spend their summers with friends and family outside at BBQs or at the beach. Geeks love the summer too; however, they always make sure to have their gadgets with them to add to the fun.

I know for me, I spent my last beach vacation tweeting. I even created a contraption to shield the sun on my phone so I could see the screen in direct sunlight. I remember seeing a picture several months ago of the ultimate geek, @ChrisPirillo, on the beach complete with his laptop and socks.

I found some pictures below of geeks enjoying their summer that I thought I would share with you. It has been an especially fun summer for me this year; I’ve built some very special relationships with other geeks online. My son goes back to school tomorrow, and the weather is already getting a little cooler. Goodbye Summer 2010!

Thank you, you are so talented!