I Love Cats! Purr-fect Photo Inspiration

I love cats. We have 19 cats at home to prove it! Well, they are really my sister’s cats. Our love for cats dates back to when we were small girls. We also love dogs, but find that cats are mysterious and their traits are really amazing. They are loyal, and they give unconditional love. They are also playful. Did you know that cats and our pets in general can lower our stress level when we play with them on days when we are totally swamped or having a real bad day?

The cats we have at home are rescued kitties. We have a blind one.  We have one with epilepsy. We have one who has two short legs, so she limps. It does not matter really if they have disabilities. They need us, and we are there for them.

So many people prefer dogs over cats and I get that, cats are animals that love to be pampered and entertained. They do not trust humans right away, but when they do, they become quite loyal and loving. They are also very clean. They groom themselves, and contrary to popular belief, they also like taking baths like dogs do. The hardest thing to do though is to take photos of them. They can’t seem to stay put. I love the way the photographers have taken some of the lovely photos below. They have captured the essence of a cat, their playfulness, their mystery and their love for attention. I think the photos are purr-fect. How about you? What do you think?

Main Image Source – Garden Cat

Image Source – Lady Lulu’s Bright Eyed Stare

Image Source – Walk His Way

Image Source – Attentive Kitty

Image sources –

Image Source – Has the Cat Got Your Tongue

Image Source – Cats in a Bucket