I Love Coffee!

I’m an avid coffee drinker, and I guess I am quite picky on the quality of coffee as well. In my house I’m the only one drinking coffee, and that gives some challenges when it comes to the amount of coffee to be made. I have a Mocca Master which is perfect when I have friends and family over, and with fresh grinded coffee beans – the coffee is quite good, but on the everyday basis, I just don’t find it practical.

So at Christmas – I think 2 years ago – I discovered an ingenuous system. the Nespresso machines with their practical coffee capsules is the only way to go – and I haven’t looked back ever since I got my first machine onto my kitchen bench.

Here is some info from Nespresso:
«the word “espresso” comes from the Italian “esprimere”, which means “to express”.
This refers to the process by which hot water is forced under pressure through ground coffee.

The exclusive system of unique coffee capsules together with innovative machine technology enables Nespresso to capture all the character of a coffee and produce a genuine, high-quality espresso every time.

By employing the natural senses of sight, smell, taste and touch, you can enjoy a rich and intense sensory experience and discover Nespresso coffee, body and soul.»

My favorite coffee capsules out of the 16 Nespresso Grand Crus is the Ristretto (a grade 10 in strength) espresso coffee. Ristretto is the typical Italian espresso. It is a short, strong, full-bodied espresso with a touch of acidity. I use it both to get a good wake up call in the morning, and as a delicious base for an Americano during the day.

In the afternoon I swich over to a Fortissio Lungo, for a large cup of coffee, this coffee is a blend of Central and South American Arabicas with a hint of Robusta, Mmmm

Do you have a preference to coffee? Please let me know. :)