iFong: The Edible iPhone Snack To Satisfy Your Sugar Craving

It seems everyone is trying to come up with the next i-thing. It’s no secret that there are a lot of knockoff products out there that all have the letter “i” in them. I wonder if they think adding that will, in some magical way, increase sales like it was the only thing it needed. Well, the days when we’ll stop being amazed by people’s “ingenuity” is not over, not by a long shot. I mean, when you start hearing about edible products like the iFong you know those days aren’t over.

Oh, you haven’t heard about the iFong? You have certainly missed out, or maybe that is a good thing. The iFong recently went head to head with the iPhone. Yup, that’s right. Not the iPhone directly though, but its packaging. It so happens that iFong is packaged in pretty much the same style as the iPhone itself, but there is just one little twist to the whole thing. The iFong is an edible sweet, or maybe it is a bun or a donut. I can’t really tell what it is. I just know that in Taiwan, they recently presented this edible “thing” and put it head to head with the iPhone packaging. Smart?

Well, I guess the reason why they did that was for blogs and websites to write about it, just like we are doing now (Doh!). The fact that the iFong has nothing to do with an iPhone or its features (it’s not even a gadget) doesn’t seem to matter really. The presentation (or is it a commercial?) is quite interesting to say the least. When you start a video like it was an unboxing video and then end the comparison somewhere in the middle of it all, you know the only reason for the comparison in the first place was to get the iPhone attention focused on the product being reviewed, if that make sense.

The iFong package consists of 6 of these neatly packaged goodies (or so I think, haven’t tasted one yet). I guess we can safely say that when it comes to marketing, Taiwanese companies (in this case a bakery) seem to know a thing or two about how to hijack the success of another company’s fame in order to sell their own products. The question is, does it blend? (Price: $8.00 per box)

The iFong Edible Sweet Packaging


Via: [FoodBeast]