When Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer?

The good thing about immigration law in the US is that it is a federal issue. This means that you can acquire legal services from any state in the country, including getting a Los Angeles immigration lawyer. Here are five of the most common situations in which you may have to get an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles.

Visa Processing

You need an immigration lawyer in order to process US visas, applications for US citizenship and also in order to claim the benefits associated with immigration. Immigration law and procedures can be extremely complicated, even more so for foreigners who are unfamiliar with American bureaucracy, law and even the language. Therefore, an immigration lawyer can be very helpful in avoiding unnecessary expenses and distress, while ensuring smooth processing of your immigration applications.

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Applying For A Green Card

An immigration lawyer is the right person to help you assess whether you are eligible for your very own green card or any other benefit related to immigration. There are different conditions under which the US government grants a green card, and these requirements keep changing from time to time. An immigration lawyer possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to determine whether you qualify for a K-1 fiance visa, or whether you can apply on the basis of an immediate relative being a US citizen. In some cases, you may even qualify for a preference relative visa against a parent or sibling who is a US citizen even if you are no longer a minor.

Processing Asylum Requests

If you are in the situation of an asylum seeker and require asylum in the United States for political or any other risk to your life in your home country, an immigration lawyer will help you navigate the systems and ensure that your asylum request is granted. There are some important differences in applying under an asylum seeker status as opposed to a refugee or any other immigrant. In some cases, you may even have to request a waiver if you want relief from certain requirements of your asylum application. In all these cases, an immigration lawyer is your most valuable resource and friend.

Avoiding Deportation And Adjustment Of Status

In case you are served a notice of deportation, you need to contact your immigration lawyer immediately. The notice may have been issued by an immigration or customs authority, and might even involve criminal liability in some cases. The lawyer will assess the reasons for denial of your immigration case and investigate how you may have violated your immigration or visa terms. In any of these cases, you have a right to consult a lawyer who will ensure that you get a hearing for your case. He or she may successfully plead for canceling your removal order or adjust your status to a more favorable position.

Employment-Related Issues

There are situations where you have been hired by a US employer, but that employer may not be willing to support you through the formalities and procedures of immigration. In this case, your immigration lawyer is your best friend. They will guide you as you apply for the immigration visa and compile all the necessary documentation. They will ensure that you have correctly filled out all the required forms and can submit your application at the earliest. At the end of the successful application, you will be entitled to enter the United States and start working on your new job.

These are just some of the situations where an immigration lawyer can offer help. Other instances include entering the US as an investor or entering the US with a criminal record. As long as you are honest in your communications, you can rest assured that your immigration lawyer will succeed with your application.

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