Immigration To Slovenia – An Easy Way To Obtain EU Passport With The Help Of Eucitizensship

Slovenia is a growing European country with a stable economy and many possibilities for a successful life. The passport of Slovenia allows you to travel freely, work, and study in the entire European Union. Besides this, citizens of that country have access to high social standards, favorable mortgage terms, credit conditions, etc. Let’s find out how to become a legal citizen of Slovenia with the help of Eucitizensship, the company that specializes in immigration legislation.

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Ways To Obtain Dual Citizenship

The most popular ways of getting Slovenian citizenship are repatriation and naturalization. persuades, that the first procedure is better because repatriant can become a bipatride. Slovenian legislation allows the dual citizenship practice: people can be citizens of that state, and their native country at the same time.

Repatriation provides Slovenian citizenship if the person has relatives who lived/was born in Slovenia. It usually takes one year to become a legal citizen.

To get Slovenian passport by naturalization the immigrant has to live in the country during long period of time.

Benefits for EU passport holders:

  • It gives a possibility to travel without visas to hundred countries.
  • You can become employed in entire Europe, and get a higher pension in the future.
  • Slovenian citizens can choose any country of European Union as a place of their residence.
  • There are possibilities for doing business, like favorable lending, government support, and reliable banking systems.

Support Of In European Passport Obtaining Procedure

Eucitizensship is ready to help you to get Slovenian citizenship by repatriation. The company started its work in 2016. Nowadays, Eucitizensship is the most influential law firm in the international migration field. The lawyers are helpful to many foreigners who wish to get EU passport by restoring procedure.

If you are interested in obtaining a passport of Slovenia by repatriation procedure, is glad to provide you with quality help during the whole process:

  1. Proves and confirms that you have Slovenian origin. It is a necessary step in the repatriation procedure. If someone has no proof, the lawyers will help to find it in the government repository.
  2. Registration of the documents. The lawyers collect all the records, translate, and notarize them.
  3. Preparation for the oath. will help you prepare to take the oath of allegiance and answer questions in an interview in Upravna Enota, Ljubljana. In the end of the procedure, you will receive a certificate of Slovenian citizenship.
  4. Documents registration with the company. It is final procedure which the lawyers of will help you with, if you can`t deal with that by yourself. You will get your ID card, TIN, driver’s license, and other documents, and become a full-fledged citizen of Slovenia.

Pros And Cons Of Cooperation With Eucitizensship

Obtaining Slovenian citizenship with the support of will provide you with a lot of benefits. How exactly the immigration company differs from its competitors:

  1. A lot of feedback on Eucitizensship`s work prove high knowledges of expert team. You can check the company`s reliability by finding an information on its official website, and also ask the questions you are interested in on initial consultation.
  2. The company provides full support at all steps of cooperation – from consultation to becoming a fully legal Slovenian citizen.
  3. You can receive a free call from the professional lawyer of by filling in the form on its official website. They will give you a free consultation and choose the best immigration plan.

As it is mentioned on the official website, the features of Eucitizensship does not include a possibility to have an offline consultation except the offices in Romania or Bulgaria. Also, the company does not arrange the transfer in the country of registration. – Reviews About Cooperation With The Company

On the Internet, most reviews about Eucitizensship`s work from people, who have experienced repatriation, are positive. They admit that the company really helps its clients change their lives, and become European citizens. The Eucitizensship takes care of all the work: from consultation to the final registration of documents, so on immigrants` opinion, obtaining citizenship of European Union will turn out not only fast but also comfortable.

According to the reviews, customers were satisfied with the quality of company`s work. Thus, they share on the Internet their personal experience with all the immigrants. According to information below, we can call safe and reliable immigration expert, and entrust it the obtaining of Slovenian citizenship.


If you are interested in getting Slovenian passport by repatriation, is the best place you should choose, as customer feedback demonstrates. While collecting the documents and filling in the application by yourself, you can come across some issues, and then the process can drag on for a long time. Therefore, it is worth entrusting this matter to professionals, such as Eucitizensship. The company offers all kinds of necessary procedures that will allow you to get your Slovenian passport and become European citizen by repatriation program.

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