Innovative Living Room Wall Arts Inspired By Global Aesthetics

When it comes to selecting wall art for the living room, many people like to draw inspiration from global aesthetics. Those who love to travel can choose from countless options of innovative wall arts and posters that carry a global touch.

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  • Australian Aboriginal Art – Also known as dot paintings, Australian aboriginal art looks outright amazing on spacious walls. Earlier, these art forms were found in caves, on the ground, or bodies of people. It is a prehistoric art form that has traversed a long distance to make its way on the canvas.
  • African Art – With African art, there is an abundance of varieties to choose from. The vibrant and varied culture of African aboriginals has given rise to the most striking forms of art that can beautifully adorn home interiors.
  • Graffiti Art – This has been a mainstay since the dawn of time. These are like writings and paintings on walls in public places that are done with spray paints. Though primarily it was considered as vandalism of properties and still many believe it to be the same. However, fresh and beautiful artworks can go brilliantly on the walls of indoor space.
  • Japanese Art – Japanese art needs a significant mention when it comes to art for the walls. Japanese have, for long, tried to keep their art and culture quite different from the other parts of the world. It has resulted in their unique styles of art which include calligraphy, silks, origami, and woodblock prints. The beauty of cherry blossom prints or ancient war prints can indeed lighten up walls.
  • Chinese Art – Oriental Chinese wall art paintings also look exquisite, and their typical artistic flavors create a beautiful feel for the walls they adorn.
  • Indian Art – Indian art is not only beautiful, but the use of vivid colors and depth, and variety of forms make it an amazing choice for wall art. The way Indian art has evolved makes it one of the primary choices for wall art. Influence of medieval cultures to colonial cultures and then to Persian influence, Indian art has them all. Post-independence, in India there have been some more recent influences too.

Contemporary art is one of the options that can bring life to your walls. Contemporary art is often used interchangeably as a term with modern art. But in reality, they are different. Contemporary art means art that corresponds to the current time, primarily the lifespan of a person. Contemporary art is all about using innovative techniques, technology, and media to create something fresh, unlike modern art related to a particular vertical of art movement.

Among some of the most beautiful wall arts, fantasy art can be considered a forerunner because there are great levels of imagination of the artist at play. These works of art look beautiful on the walls.

Spiritual art is a choice of wall art for those people who themselves are spiritual. The use of spiritual wall arts brings a certain amount of positivity to the daily lives of the inhabitants.

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