Marlowe – This High-Quality Carry-On Will Not Break Your Bank

Ever since the introduction of the Smart car, it has become a rising trend to apply a touch of technology to the everyday objects and tools we use. What started out as innovative add-ons to make our lives easier is transforming into a way to sell gimmicks and drain our wallets. I’m sure you have heard of one of the many Smart luggage products out there on the market, we’ve seen them on Shark Tank and watched people riding them around airports. But do we really need another app on our phones, especially for our suitcases? Or another costly purchase and complicated download when the products that we really fall in love with are the kinds that we can simply depend on? That is the thinking behind Marlowe Luggage, a high-quality carry on available online and at an honest price.

The founders of Marlowe took a hard look at the luggage industry and were astonished by the billions of dollars made by pushing gimmicks, middlemen and outrageous markups on unsuspecting travelers. They found that if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality carry-on, you can expect to pay an arm and a leg. If you’re on a budget, you end up having to compromise on quality, and are forced to buy a suitcase that doesn’t get you far; and before you know it, you’re back to the drawing board looking for your next suitcase. Until Marlowe, that is.

Marlowe was designed to last. It is built with the same materials as high-end brands such as Tumi and Samsonite, but cost a third of the price. [pullquote]After surveying hundreds of travelers and their needs, Marlowe discovered that people valued durability and a clever design.[/pullquote] They didn’t want tech in their suitcase to complicate their journey even more. They asked for something light but strong, wheels that moved effortlessly, zippers that last, and of course, a size that made sense. Their bag is accepted as a carry on by all US airlines as well as most major international airlines. This means you will never have to frantically hunt for the baggage allowance section on your airline’s website the night before your trip or pay outrageous baggage fees at the airport again. That’s why on their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which launched April 25th, they are calling Marlowe “The Perfect Carry-on.”

Weighing in at 6 pounds, the goal here is to minimize weight while maximizing strength. It’s lined with premium spinner wheels (also waterproof) and packed with a removable interior compression pad allowing you to fit up to 20% more, great for all you over-packers out there. This suitcase makes travel smooth and worry-free. As declared by InsideHook, it’s “a designed-in-SF bag that will make our next flight easier. And sexier.”

Even before Marlowe’s campaign went live, Beta List saw the obvious need for a high quality carry on like this in the market. They described it as “impeccably designed to meet the needs of modern travelers.” We all need a suitcase we can depend on which is why Marlowe’s exterior is made out of 100% polycarbonate shell, a material that ten times stronger than steel.

So how is it possible to produce a high quality carry on and offer it for less than $200? Marlowe set out to keep their honest prices from the very start. They decided to focus their efforts to source and use high-quality materials for their carry on and leave out of the unnecessary Smart gimmicks like USB ports and lock technology. Instead, in addition to all of the features already described, their carry-on includes a TSA lock, a premium handle, clever interior compartments and a 10-year warranty. That’s right, a decade-long guarantee so that you can hold them to their word. Putting your money where it counts and also selling their high-quality carry-on suitcases online only directly to consumers, allows Marlowe to offer travelers high-end luggage but for prices that are fair.

Marlowe – The New King Of High-Quality Suitcases

Marlowe Carry-On Suitcase Walking

Marlowe Carry-On Suitcase Image

Marlowe Carry-On Suitcase Compression

Marlowe Carry-On Suitcase Interior

Marlowe Carry-On Suitcase Lock

Marlowe Carry-On Suitcase Shell

Marlowe Carry-On Suitcase Wheels

Marlowe Carry-On Suitcase Handle