This Is What It Looks Like Inside An Amazon Warehouse

When you go to Amazon, which is the world’s largest online retailer, and you place an order, it’s easy, right? Whatever you order shows up at your house a week later, and it’s almost always correct. Have you ever stopped to wonder how they do that? Have you ever wondered what the Amazon warehouses look like? How do they store all that merchandise? These are the kinds of questions we take for granted when we place our orders which conveniently come all boxed up nice and neat.

We know that Amazon has multiple platforms that they sell on, and that they sell millions and millions of products. Is it conceivable that all this stuff is located in a central location? As it turns out, not only does Amazon warehouse all that crap, they provide warehousing services for their third-party sellers. There are dozens of Amazon warehouses (or fulfillment centers) located around the world.

They use a system that is apparently called “chaos warehousing,” which you can read more about on Amazon – Leading The Way Through Chaos. It sounds and looks like it is a bunch of randomized chaos, but for Amazon, there is a method to the madness. They have figured out that it’s more cost effective to hire manpower than to automate the whole system, so there are surprisingly a lot of human beings still necessary for the order fulfillment process.

These pictures were posted on 9Gag two days ago. They show what the inside of an Amazon warehouse looks like. It doesn’t say which warehouse this is, but it looks as if it’s in the United States. If you thought shopping on the Amazon website was fun, imagine what it would be like to go shopping in one of these warehouses. Whoa! These pictures are incredible, and just think, this is only one of dozens of these types of storage facilities. Seeing these pictures really puts the size of Amazon in perspective in a way that reading the numbers doesn’t do.

Inside One Of The Amazon Warehouses


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