Insurance Coverage For Addiction Rehab – Everything You Need To Know

Drug and alcohol abuse, sadly, impacts many people around the world. Rampant prescription drug use in North America contributes to the fatal opioid addiction crisis that affects the United States and Canada. The period 1999–2017 saw more than 700,000 Americans lose their lives to drug overdoses.

Of all fatalities in 2017, over 70,000 resulted from overdoses. Illegal opioids and prescription opioids contributed to an estimated 68 percent of such deaths. Per the Canadian Drug Summary, the year 2017 saw 13 percent of Canadians use opioid pain relievers.

Among opioid pain reliever users, two percent of them used such drugs for nonmedical reasons. Opioid painkiller use claimed the lives of an estimated 2,800 Canadians in the year 2016.

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Prescribed medicine has the intention of treating acute and chronic pain, but sadly, people can misuse such potent drugs. Signs of drug addiction include abusing prescription painkillers by using them for nonmedical reasons and taking them more frequently than intended, and acquiring prescribed medication from a single primary care physician or several.

Opioids and prescription drugs aren’t the only substances that afflict people and cause adverse symptoms and health effects. People who drink in excess could develop an alcohol dependence that may ultimately lead to alcohol addiction. In some cases, adults suffer concurrent drug and alcohol disorders.

Others may deal with simultaneous mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders. Substance abuse can impair someone’s physical and mental health, prevent them from performing their duties at work or in school. It can ruin people’s relationships with those who don’t approve of addictive behaviors.

Coming to terms with an addiction can be difficult, but identifying and acknowledging an existing problem are the first steps to recovering from an addiction and achieving sobriety. Weaning yourself or a family member off drugs can backfire and be hard to do, so the best option is to consult treatment from a professional.

Once someone accepts that they have an addiction and agrees to get professional help, they should consider seeking treatment at a residential treatment facility.

Residents of Canada and the United States can receive treatment from professionals at the Canadian Centre for Addictions (CCFA), a Toronto-based private treatment center. This private drug rehab offers inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment, as well as individual counseling and group therapy.

CCFA is a rehab center that provides clients with medically supervised detox treatment, private programs, and personalized treatment plans and approaches that fit their unique needs.

The costs of addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs vary from center to center. Factors that influence how much treatment costs include the location and amenities of the center, the length of an inpatient stay and treatment program, and the mental health services received. Some clients and their family members can afford to pay rehabilitation costs out-of-pocket, but others can’t.

People with health insurance should determine if their policy can pay for some or all aspects of addiction treatment. Every health insurance plan doesn’t consist of the same features, so people should find a policy that fits their financial, medical, and rehabilitation needs.

When searching for insurance and rehabilitation coverage, people should use trustworthy offline and online resources, such as HealthSoul. HealthSoul is a comprehensive online directory of health insurance, hospitals, doctors, and travel insurance.

Using this website, people can access a web forum where healthcare patients leave reviews of providers and doctors. Insurance seekers can communicate with health insurance experts and receive medical advice via this site. Such information would enable you to compare and choose the best doctors near you.

While addiction treatment and rehab can be expensive in some cases, the costs are worth it for someone to get the help they need and begin the road to sobriety.

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