Is Custom eLearning Worth The Hype?

Today’s increasingly competitive and demanding atmosphere requires us to stay updated on the most efficient and successful techniques in our respective sectors. For businesses, this entails regularly exposing personnel to the most recent and appropriate training and development courses. Aside from training to increase a company’s efficiency, productivity, and growth, it should also focus on safety, prudence, and compliance in diverse positions.

Companies may choose to use pre-built eLearning courses for convenience or due to reduced prices. Although pre-built eLearning courses can indeed be effective, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is an alternative option that is far more effective, produces higher learning outcomes, and is extremely gratifying for all users. And that would be a custom eLearning design tailored to the specific needs of a business.

So, yes. Custom eLearning is definitely worth the hype. Here’s why.

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Custom Elearning Design Is Capable Of Satisfying The Particular Needs Of Your Organization

Most companies have goals and requirements that traditional training cannot meet. That is why custom eLearning training may be worthwhile. Highly recognized eLearning courses from popular sites might be incredibly effective, however, they only handle a broad range of subjects that may or may not be relevant to your company goals.

Why should you ask your staff to spend their time and energy learning a new course that has no connection with your company? Instead, you may supply learners with straightforward and clear ideas when they participate in online training by making an investment in custom eLearning design.

With that, your employees will have the necessary information for their individual tasks, which will substantially improve the engagement and completion rates. You may create effective modules that are associated with your company and industry, increasing your ROL (Return on Learning). Furthermore, going with a custom eLearning design allows you to keep your content and brand identity in sync with the rest of your employees’ learning experience.

It Is Simple To Scale And Upgrade

Your business is always changing. You introduce new products or services, alter your policies, and must comply with the latest legislation. All of these changes necessitate revisions to online training courses. If you are using an off-the-shelf online training system, you will need to hire extra staff or invest in new software to carry out the upgrades. Even if you have a specialized L&D team, you must still allocate time and resources to the effort.

However, when it comes to custom eLearning, providers plan ahead of time and design an online training curriculum that is simple to adapt. They provide online templates that your team members may rapidly edit.

Custom eLearning also has built-in materials that give you the ability to enhance your online training experience. You could even delegate more complex course modifications to your eLearning content supplier if necessary; they are already acquainted with your online training requirements and brand identity.

Custom Elearning Can Incorporate A Variety Of Learning Approaches

A multitude of modalities is used in modern learning programs. Gamification, nuanced assessments, microlearning modules, and simulation-based learning solutions can all be employed via a custom eLearning provider to achieve instructional objectives depending on the environment. Some vocational skills are usually delivered using cutting-edge technologies like virtual labs and augmented and virtual reality, where many solutions can be integrated to create the most effective method of transferring skills and retaining knowledge.

Custom eLearning training methods have far more to offer than what meets the eye. Custom content production allows learning administrators to take advantage of a variety of technologies that are now available. This amount of adaptability and malleability may be just what your organization requires to meet L&D objectives.

Custom Elearning Can Assist You In Avoiding Technical Errors

Investing in custom eLearning design is the most obvious solution to technological issues. By testing for UI and UX difficulties early in the course construction process, you may avoid facing the inevitable problems later on. This is why it is critical to use a flexible eLearning platform that makes it possible to make last-minute modifications and edits. Another brilliant technique for reducing technical obstacles is to keep things simple.

Try out custom eLearning production strategies that don’t necessitate a large number of computational capabilities, like RAM or download speeds. This demands the use of a robust script that can load flawlessly across numerous platforms including mobile phones and PCs. You can also include a full help page with comprehensive FAQ sections to help beginners get started. Custom eLearning also has provisions wherein you can offer customer service via live chat, emails, or an online forum to resolve any technical issues.

It Advocates For Outright Ownership And Lower Maintenance Costs

Many traditional eLearning tools include one-time or monthly licensing fees. At the outset, it could be cheaper than custom eLearning. Creating your online training programs in-house, on the other hand, may be more expensive in the beginning but less expensive in the long run. Some learning platforms, for instance, charge per user. This reduces the unnecessary cost for your company as you only have to pay as and when your firm expands and more employees are hired.

Another factor to consider is the expense of maintenance. Certain platforms charge for upgrades and support, however many custom eLearning providers account for this upfront. They may, for example, incorporate frequent updates in the initial fees. With this, you would not have to pay every now and then.

Custom Elearning Solutions Promote Collaboration And Sharing

Fostering staff collaboration can be crucial to the success of a firm. Activities for training and development can be an excellent way to foster this trait. When the instructional material is tailored to the requirements of your organization, it usually resonates with learners because it is more relevant to their duties and responsibilities. This creates a vital emotional bond with the training program.

When a trainee is content, interested, and gains immediate value from a training module, they are more likely to share and cooperate with their peers. Providing meaningful and relevant individualized training programs develops a learning atmosphere as well as healthy competition.


There are numerous misconceptions about custom eLearning. In fact, many businesses shun it entirely, claiming that it is too expensive or that personalized online training content requires extensive turnaround times. However, if you explore your alternatives and locate the proper vendor, customized eLearning may just as well prove to be worth the hype.

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