Is Stress Getting the Better of You? Relax!

Are you prone to  irritability, muscular tension, inability to concentrate and a variety of physical reactions, such as headaches and elevated heart rate. They are common signs that tells your body that you are already stressed.

Designers, writers, moms, dads everyone is prone.  I am sure a lot of you would agree, its hard to remain creative when you are under so much stress.  The answer:  Relax and get a massage!  Studies have shown that by just giving yourself some time to relax will truly reduce your stress level a lot!!   So much of the research on massage therapy suggests that when there is a reduction in stress levels following a massage, we in turn will feel less pain, be less depressed and anxious, less fatigued, and have less difficulty falling asleep.  Just check out a cool spa that I found some very cool spa modern interiors.  Amazing design and a truly great places to relax.  (Source: Main)

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