James Braxton Peterson Understands The Necessary Writing Skills

Communication is arguably the most important skill humans have. If a concept or a feeling is well articulated, it can influence or impact a reader. Writing is an essential process and can be taught in a variety of ways. Regardless of how the written language is learned, it can change how information is absorbed and facilitate critical thinking.

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The Benefits Of Writing

James Braxton Peterson has been counseling clients from a variety of backgrounds on how to write successfully, as well as publishing his own analysis pieces for the Philadelphia Citizen.

Writing can grant access to high-paying careers, intelligent dialogue, and further education. Literature fellowships are often available on a two-year cycle for students who write poetry or prose. Innovative creative writing programs can prepare individuals to express thoughts and feelings they might never have had access to without the written word.

Many careers involve or require writing. Even jobs that do not focus explicitly on writing will usually require some written language skills to effectively document and communicate with clients and co-workers.

Writing jobs can include:

  • technical writing
  • blogging
  • reporting
  • columnist
  • advertising manager
  • administrative assistant
  • legal secretary
  • social workers
  • case managers, etc.

Learning is often more productive when writing is involved. By taking notes and rewriting what has already been said in a classroom or at a conference, information can be thoroughly understood. Writing about a particular subject is one way to absorb or process the material successfully.

Whether you’re journaling or in class, thoughts can be clarified through the writing and note-taking processes.

What Are The Most Important Writing Skills?


For those who are just starting, an elaborate vocabulary can seem like a sophisticated way to write. While intricate wording may seem stylish, it should be used sparingly. Concise writing allows the reader to understand what’s being said. Since communication is the main reason writing exists, clarity is essential.


At first, grammar may seem like nitpicking. As long as the reader understands what is being conveyed, why should grammar matter? Grammar matters because it can disrupt the reader in the process of comprehending what is written. Basic punctuation and grammar rules can boost any piece of writing. Since readers come from all over the world, certain language patterns may not be recognized or easily understood. Proper grammar positions writing for the widest audience possible.


Once the initial writing piece is finished, the first draft is complete. A first draft is not complete because there are usually several mechanical mistakes and developmental errors. Knowing how to edit can help an individual distinguish between the two issues and revise structure and grammar as needed.


Even when writing nonfiction, creativity is important. A creative essay can add the extra gusto necessary to grab the reader’s attention. By highlighting the correct details and adding feeling and passion to the story, writing can become relatable. This is true for fiction, essays, poetry, and even certain kinds of reporting.

Structure Knowledge

Depending on the assignment, the structure of a writing piece can be drastically different. A five-paragraph essay, for instance, is entirely different from a thesis paper. When working on writing structure, it helps to know the audience. Writing for a publication is not the same as writing for an employer or writing a letter to a friend or family member.


It never hurts to have a broad vocabulary. Even if large words aren’t necessary for every sentence, all writing can benefit from verbal variety. The easiest way to expand vocabulary is through reading. Any type of reading, including song lyrics, John Steinbeck, newspapers, and blogs, can improve an individual’s vernacular.

Patience and Persistence

Patience is a necessary skill when writing, states James Braxton Peterson. It may be difficult at first to know how to start or what to convey. Writing often can help the natural process of thinking in a structured form. By practicing daily, writing will become a familiar process.

Common Tips That Can Improve Writing Skills

Understanding Grammar

Introductory books on grammar and punctuation can dramatically increase writing performance. Updated books can teach the latest styles, but a classic copy of a grammar and spelling guide will do wonders.

Reading Often

Reading often will also help. Regardless of what is read, the exercise will improve vocabulary and reading comprehension. James Braxton Peterson suggests that reading can also lead to new ideas about creativity and structure in addition to informing the writer’s approach to subject matter.

A New Perspective

Ask someone for another perspective. Many writers do not know if what they’ve written makes sense after completing an essay or a prose piece. Some writers feel they have conveyed their message perfectly, while others are unsure. Regardless of confidence, having another pair of eyes on a draft is useful.

Writing skills are a necessary part of everyday life, but they’re also a gift. With the proper writing skills, conveying feelings and thoughts can be done artfully. Writing can help bring people together as well as communicate complicated issues. With the right writing skills, almost anything can be effectively communicated to an audience.

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