Keeping Your Car Neat And Clean With These Simple Tips

They say a clean space means a clean mid, which is absolutely true. Some may shrug off that idea as a mere technicality, but it is not! When the space around you is neat you tend to feed off that surrounding positive vibe that we all crave.

Be it your home, office or even your car, you need to get rid of the clutter ASAP. Most people spend a good portion of their day stuck in their cars between work commute and running errands that it starts to feel like a second home. Especially for those who have kids, their car time tends to double while doing drop-offs and driving to after-school activities, so they can totally relate. So, check out the simple tips below that can help you keep your car neat and clean.

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Keep A Trash Can

Instead of piling used tissues and empty chip bags under the back couch out of sight; keep a decent-looking trash can in the car to empty at the end of each day. You can find an interesting selection of car trash cans on that has a lifetime warranty guaranteed. The mountable type is much better as it won’t keep moving around while you’re driving; it is also easy to attach to the back of the seat or in the glove box. You will definitely need to place an extra one for your kids if they will be riding with you for all the banana peels and chocolate wrappers.

Maintain A Cleaning Schedule

Dedicate a couple of hours on the weekend to give your car a meticulous wash. Go all out. Vacuum the interiors and wash the car mats, wax the seats and the dashboard, and use a sponge and glass cleaner to give the windows a shiny finish. Also, once a month, you can take your car down to the cleaners for a more detailed wash where they professionally clean your motor and do any necessary maintenance work.

Use Organizing Products

Instead of junking your car trunk with papers and items you need to have; buy yourself a few car organizers to keep everything secured in place. You can now find front seat organizers as well as backseat ones to hold your magazines and important documents. You can also store your snacks and that water bottle that otherwise keeps annoyingly rolling back and forth.

Install A Car Seat Protector

If you are a parent, you know the kind of mess we are talking about here. The filth under your kids’ car seats is just unimaginable. You will find that loads of cookie crumbs and funny stains have now taken over your fancy car’s back seat. That is where a car seat protector comes to the rescue. This rubber item will fit nicely under your kid’s car seat and protect your leather interiors from stains. During your weekly cleanup, you can simply detach it, give it a good wash, and strap it back in. This will keep your interiors intact for quite some time.

Get An Organizer For Your Kids’ Stuff

You will want to keep your kids entertained during long drives to spare yourself the nagging. Assign an organizing container to hold all of your kids’ books, toys, and wipes. Make a deal with them to keep it neat and tidy before they leave the car in exchange for a stop at their favorite ice cream parlor. Yes, anything too literally “sweeten” the deal for them!

Mind Where You Park

It is true that you cannot always choose where to park your car. However, do some quick assessment when deciding on a parking spot. Try to get to work a bit early to find a space under the shades to avoid your car paint from cracking during hot summers. And when it is raining, avoid parking under trees because you will end up with muddy leaves and debris smearing your windshield. When parking at home, keep your garage clean and mold-free; especially if you are going away and will need to keep your car inside for a long time.

Always Use Car Freshener

There is nothing more refreshing than a pleasant-smelling car to make your ride a little less dreadful. You can find all sorts of flowery, fruity and candy scents, pick your favorite and make it your signature car odor if you are a classic person. Otherwise, try something new after every weekly cleanup to keep it interesting.

Save yourself the shameful looks from colleagues when you offer them a ride your because your car is not ready to receive “guests”! Keep your mind clutter-free and follow these simple tips and keep your car in tip-top shape at all times.

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