What Are The Leading Causes Of Car Accidents In Texas?

Across the world, auto accidents are amongst the top leading causes of death. About 1.3 million people die from car accidents alone, which makes it a concern for almost every government in the world. While some countries may be more fortunate than others for a number of reasons like road safety and reduced traffic, some are on the more unfortunate spectrum with a high yearly death toll.

The problem is that if car accident victims don’t die, they’ll most probably be left with severe injuries. Texas is amongst the top states where car accidents are of major concern due to their frequency; statistically, a crash is reported every minute. The already hectic nature of driving is even further augmented by driving under the influence of drugs or ignoring speed limits.

We’ve collected the leading causes of car accidents in the state of Texas.

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Driving Under Influence

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or more commonly alcohol, has been one of the biggest concerns for the state of Texas. The problem is that almost 40% of fatal accidents that occur are a result of a driver driving under the influence. This has pushed many organizations and foundations like Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to try to push more regulations that could stop drivers from driving under the influence. Texas’s DUI fatality percentage is more than the average national rate of DUI deaths by 10%.

Lack of Speed Control

This is considered the leading cause of car accidents in Texas claiming over 100,000 accidents across the state alone. It’s also one of the most severe accidents that any driver could get themselves into as the fatality rates are quite high. A quick look at flemingattorneys.com/blog/statewide-texas-car-accident-statistics-infographic infographic will reveal that speeding is amongst the most dangerous practices that are often brought up in court.

Experienced lawyers all over the state strongly advise that locals get themselves aware of such practices as accidents could have been easily avoided if they knew just how a simple negligent behavior would lead to terrible traumatic experiences. Too many people, speeding may seem to make sense if you’re in a rush or in the case of an emergency, but speed laws are specifically put in place to prevent unnecessary crashes. This is why a lot of officers take speeding seriously as it poses a huge threat to the driver and other pedestrians as well.


There is nothing worse than being distracted on the road as a split-second is all that’s needed for a driver to lose control. Texas has seen its huge share of distracted driving, but the ever-growing increase of smartphones has made it all the more dangerous. A lot of people think it’s okay to take a quick glimpse at their phones to check messages or calls.

The problem is, getting distracted never takes a second because all too soon, luck runs out. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, over 105,000 accidents happen yearly due to distracted driving, claiming over 420 lives every year.

Improper Lane Switching

Lane switching done properly is nothing to worry about, however, it can become a real problem when it’s done in an improper manner. Unsafe lane changes are amongst the top 5 leading causes of car accidents in Texas. The brunt of the hit is taken by motorists who are more susceptible to crashes and injuries due to the vulnerability of motorcycles compared to cars. This chaotic lane switching can add up to traffic and endanger a lot of people in the process including the driver.

Turning Left Improperly

Rushing while turning left is one of the most avoidable causes of car crashes, yet, it still reigns as one of the leading causes of car accidents in Texas. The lack of patience and ignoring basic safety rules can put a lot of reckless drivers at a huge risk of reacting impulsively. Left turns onto incoming traffic claims at least 25,000 cases of collisions.

The best way to avoid making possibly fatal left turns is by stopping until the traffic passes before making a left turn. The time window of reactions is greatly reduced as the sudden turning leaves very little leeway in terms of avoiding the accident.

Following Too Closely

Following a vehicle too closely is the 6th leading cause of car accidents in Texas. Over 34,300 collisions occur because a driver didn’t follow the traffic laws the way they should. It is legally required by laws that you: keep a 2-car distance between you and the next vehicle. Leaving space between you and the other car will help you measure your distances quite well as you won’t have to worry about sudden stops.

The state of Texas had been witnessing a sharp increase in the frequency of car accidents that it’s becoming a major problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. While you can’t protect yourself from everything, following the basic regulations should prove to be very valuable when you need it.

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