What Are The Leading Causes Of Road Accidents? Let’s Find Out

There are hundreds of road accidents every day, and the majority of them are preventable; this is due to several different reasons, and there are many things we can do when in control of a vehicle to reduce the risk of us having an accident.

There are occasions where nothing can be done to avoid having road accidents, but the outcome will often be the same whether we could have prevented it or not, and that’s a car that’s damaged beyond repair and/or an injury that leaves us unable to continue with day to day life. Understanding the main causes of road accidents will give us the best preparation in how to avoid or prevent a crash if we find ourselves in a high-risk situation.

In case of a road accident, especially one involving a truck, seeking legal assistance from a truck law firm may be crucial to ensure your rights are protected and appropriate action is taken to address the situation. They specialize in handling cases involving accidents with trucks or commercial vehicles, providing guidance and support during such challenging times.

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Leading Causes Of Road Accidents

Distracted At The Wheel

The most common cause of road accidents is when a driver is distracted, this can be from other people in your vehicle, distracting you to your mobile phone ringing and attempting to answer it. When it comes to taking control of a motor vehicle it’s your duty to ensure you are concentrating at all times while the engine is on, if that means you have to turn off your mobile phone or even ask your passengers to keep the noise down then it’s something you should do.

Checking your text messages is not worth the life of fellow drivers, and you end up having an accident due to the fact you were distracted while driving then any court case will go against you. Keep concentrating; it’s not worth the ramifications if you don’t.


We have all done it, intentionally or not, and as a responsible driver, we should be aware of how fast we are going at all times. When we take into consideration that the majority of car and truck road accidents happen at high speed, it’s something we should take a little more seriously, especially as they often end up with fatalities.

When we drive quickly, it reduces our reaction time even if we think we are a good driver, and puts us at a higher risk of losing control of our vehicle. Stay within the speed limit set for the road you are on, and you automatically reduce the risk of having an accident.


With the increasing demand for truck drivers to complete unrealistic schedules and work long hours, there is a direct correlation with the number of road accidents happening. Combine driver fatigue with dangerous driving from other road users, and you have a deadly combination often ending in crashes that are far more serious and very expensive for all parties involved.

If you’ve been in one of these road accidents, then you’ll know that the law is difficult to navigate with so many people involved, so it’s best to find a professional that knows all there is to know about truck accidents to ensure you’re doing everything by the book. This way, every angle can be looked at to get the facts and make sure no one is wrongly accused; in this situation, the company forcing a driver to work overtime could be at fault.

Drunk Driving

The easiest thing we can do to avoid having an accident due to excessive drinking is to not drink anything before getting behind the wheel of your car. Yet, every year there are thousands of road accidents caused by a selfish driver who thought it would be okay to drive home after a night out.

Every state in the US has the same alcohol limit, but it’s best to not risk it at all, everyone’s affected differently by alcohol, and one drink could be enough to limit your vision and reaction time when driving.


Yes, this category can be quite important when it comes to road accidents. Rain is actually a substantial attributing factor to vehicles losing control and ending up having a crash. When too much rain falls and coats the road, it makes them slippery to drive on, and coupled with the fact that a lot of drivers don’t check essential things such as their tires, it causes accidents.

Other extreme weather like snow can have a significant impact on the way you should drive or the tires you have on your car, in some areas of the US it’s important to change your tires to winter or snow versions as they will give you far more grip in snowy situations.

If you have a chance to reduce the risk of having an accident, then there should be no doubt in your mind to do so, there are far too many fatalities on the road involving factors that could have been entirely avoidable. Get to know everything you can do to help reduce the risk; if everyone did this, then we would have much safer roads.

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