The LEGO Bento Lunch Design: A Delicious Feat Of Geek

I remember when eating a bento lunch first became popular several years ago. It was probably common in Japan long before that, but three or four years ago is when bento lunch designs started popping up all over the Internet. It’s a fascinating art for many reasons. It’s so time consuming and temporary, yet such a creative way to play with food. Some people choose to color corrdinate their bento just for effect, like in these Rainbow Bento Lunch options. Others choose to really get jiggy with it, like in the Scariest Bento Lunch Box.

My favorite bento designs are always the geeky ones. Food designs don’t have a geeky flavor very often, so when I spotted this LEGO bento lunch design, I knew I had to share it with you. People who make this type of temporary art are so inspiring to me. It’s like those designs made from rain water on the sidewalk, the lifespan of the art itself will most likely be less than what it took to create, which makes it all seem so fragile and beautiful.

This particular LEGO bento was created by Instructables user A Japanese Housewife. She made this bento lunch as a surprise for her husband. That is so romantic! I think it would be so much fun to hang out in the kitchen for a few hours making something like this as a surprise for the man I love. If someone gave this to me, I don’t know if I could eat it though. I mean, it’s just so pretty.

She also included the whole process for making this (including pictures) in her instructable called LEGO Bento. Just click over there if you would like to take on the challenge of making this yourself. I’ll be honest with you, the process looks a little tricky. Then again, nobody ever said making a bento lunch like this would be easy. After all, it’s an art form. If you prefer to make something faster, you might consider a ham sandwich.

The LEGO Bento Lunch Design

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