Life Instructions: The Four Simple Rules For A Happier Life

Life itself is a complicated little thing sometimes. You can be pretty sure that it will give you peaks and valleys and vice versa at the right and wrong moments in time. The main theme of your life should be happiness of course, but there are some ethics to follow in order to make sure that your tracks aren’t left with mud on them, figuratively speaking. You may feel that life is treating you unfairly, and you might even be kicking and screaming about it. However, it all boils down to the moments when you show your true self. Treat people with care, generosity and ultimately with kindness, and you will find that things don’t have to be a battlefield.

As many of you know, we here at Bit Rebels are constantly trying to bring out the happiness in the things we write about. Sometimes it is easier than others; however, we have made it a rule that what we do is supposed to be fun, educating and inspiring. Hopefully we get that message across in a very clear way. If not, we hope that you will tell us how we could further improve on that. When we receive content submissions or when we find them ourselves, we usually look at it from a playful angle.

The reason for that is that we want to bring out the fun in what we write about. It might be a serious subject, but the smile shall never fade when you are on Bit Rebels surfing away checking out our content, at least not the majority of time you spend here. These are all the reasons why I give you the Life Instructions mini-infographic today. It’s a four step panel with four rules about how you can increase the happiness and quality of your life. I just had to include the interesting comment this particular graphic received when published on a WHILE ago. This is sound advice, and even more hilarious when you view things from an entirely different perspective, just like we want to do here on Bit Rebels.

Life Instructions 4 Rules Happiness

Comments by: Chog

1. Run Holding Hands
2. Don’t sweat afterwards
3. Don’t bow to any gods
4. Exercise with an exclamation mark over your head