How To Lifehack Your Exercise Into Every Day [Infographic]

Sitting in front of the computer screen all day could be lethal, or at least that is what research shows. According to the reports, sitting down too long causes health problems which you probably didn’t know about. To get further information about this, please have a look at an article I wrote called Sitting Down Is Killing You. It’s an infographic that highlights all the health risks caused from sitting too much. But that is not really what we are going to cover here today. We are actually going to cover the opposite, which is how to lifehack exercise into your everyday life even when your time is limited (and time is certainly limited in today’s fast paced society). As everything seems to move faster and faster, a little guide could surely come in handy.

As soon as exercise is the subject, a lot of people immediately start talking about the gym and how important it is to have so and so many hours each week of pure gym time in order to stay fit. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A good workout could also be a long walk, a trip on your bike, or even taking the stairs rather than taking the elevator each day. Exercise doesn’t have to be instructed by a personal trainer in order to make sense.

But as soon as we start talking about exercise, time also comes to mind. How do you fit it all in? It doesn’t have to be all that difficult really. All you need to do is know how to lifehack exercise into your lifestyle and daily routine. There are ways that will have you working out with pretty much every single step you take without it even feeling like exercise.

These simple lifehacks are presented to us by Tribesports (design by Killer Infographics) and are called Everything Counts: Lifehack Your Way To 30 Minutes Of Exercise A Day. It’s an infographic jam-packed with tips and tricks to make your day one long exercise routine.

What’s important to notice is that walking more than 7,800 steps a day will reduce the chance of diabetes by 23% for example. It’s stunning how lifehacking exercise into your day will benefit your health greatly. Taking the bike to work, training on an exercise bike, taking the stairs instead of the elevator etc. could potentially increase your health a lot over a long period of time. As we all get older, our health gets ever more fragile. We should all remember to take care of ourselves in order for us to stay healthier longer. These small lifehack tips could definitely help us with that.

Tribesports’ Exercise Lifehack Infographic

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