List Of Frequently-Asked Questions – And Answers – Filing A Hairdressing Claim In The UK

Everyone knows that an appointment with the hairdresser should be pleasant – after all, it’s a chance for you to get a whole new look and perhaps, if you’re lucky, even get the perfect look for you! But as we also know, several things can go severely wrong with your visit – you can experience a hair or scalp injury, have an allergic reaction to the hair dye, or even be assaulted.

If you have had such a traumatic incident, it can be difficult to know what to do about it and where to start. But some questions are more common than most, and the answers might help you. Here, then, is a list of frequently asked questions and answers to filing a hairdressing claim.

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What Can I Seek Compensation For?

It is arguably the most common question asked by many who would like to file a claim. And the thing is, compensation claims can run the gamut from a simple reaction to a hair dye to patches of hair falling out, even to permanent hair loss. Anyone who has had to contend with a scalp burn can file a claim, as is anyone who has had an allergic reaction. If your hair has become brittle or dry and is falling out, you can seek compensation.

Other injuries include skin irritation, temporary baldness (aside from the aforementioned permanent one), chemical burns, defective tinting, waving, dyeing, or bleaching, defective extensions, scars and cuts, and even psychological damages.

In addition to filing a claim for your actual injury, you may be able to get compensation for any hair treatments you will get in the future to treat the injury. You may also get compensation for travel expenses,  cancelled occasions, and other related costs. In addition, if you are working and your career prospects are affected (e.g., you work as an entertainer or flight attendant), you can file for additional compensation.

What Should I Do Once There Is Damage Or An Injury?

Anyone well-versed in hair damage claims will tell you to make sure to get the appropriate medical treatment right away. Once you have received treatment or are getting it, take photos of the damage and the area around it. If you can, keep any hair that is damaged. Keep everything pertaining to your visit to the salon or hairdresser, including appointment receipts and records. If the salon or hairdresser knows about the injury or damage, keep any correspondence about that.

Also, make sure you keep the medical records and the photographs of the injury or damage. It might also be a good idea to confer with a solicitor right away – especially one who has experience dealing with hair damage claims, as they can advise you on the following steps to take.

How Much Does It Cost To File A Claim, And How Much Compensation Can I Expect?

Most solicitors work on a No Win, No Fee arrangement, which means there is no risk to you if you lose. If the solicitor thinks you have a solid case, they will help you in any way they can and will only receive a fee once the issue is settled. The compensation will vary depending on your injury and its severity, but according to the guidelines, you can expect anything from £3000 to as much as £10,000.

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