The Luxury Bedding Look – How To Layer A Bed Like A Designer

Layering a bed is an art, but we don’t want to be an artist. As we wake up to go to offices or universities, we always rush towards getting several tasks done quickly. That’s the reason we often neglect to dress the bed properly.

However, layering a bed like a designer can give your room a bossy, sophisticated, and organized look. Have you ever seen designer bedding sets? You will be intrigued to see their expert styling. Say your designer goodbye, as we have put down a few cheeky steps that will solve 90% of your bedding problems and give your room a fluffy look.

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Step 1

It all begins with a base layer. Before starting, you need to purchase a mattress cover to protect it from dust, spills, and a bedbug. The use of reversible duvet covers and mixing prints is the two easy ways to modify the look regularly.

Step 2

The second step is by far the easiest of all. Just add a top sheet, roll it over the duvet while facing the wrong direction. Now, pull the comforter diagonally but the opposite of the quilt. On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable doing styling, throws are the best device. Throws neatly fold the layers at the bottom of the bed and then drapes over the corner of the bed.

Step 3

The third step involves adding a bedspread or quilt to the mattress pad. Ensure the bedspread lies beneath the mattress, and the top of the mattress is tucked at the top area. Now fold it over the quilt and insert it in the sides of the bed. Embedding a bedspread not only improves the focal point in your room but can be a great choice for winter/autumn nights.

Step 4

Here comes the most-awaited and trickiest part. Now I assume you’re done with the sheets work, and you can dress the blankets, comforters, and duvets based on your personal preferences. You need to make sure that you tuck in over the complete bed that it lays below the mattress and still slips onto the other duvet ends.

Step 5

Use euro pillow-shams on your double bed to give it a killer look. The euro shams amplify the height of the bed and correspond with the texture and pattern. A good rule of thumb is always to match your shams with the duvet. For a king bed, it is advisable to use king-size shams and pillows.

Step 6

If you are a fan of multiple layers, then I would suggest you incorporate a quilt. Position the duvet on your topside, and turn it halfway down. Unfurl your duvet about one-third of the bed.

Step 7

Now, add pillows to layer it perfectly. Mongolian lamb and a long bolster would be the cherry on the top. Rest you have silk and luxe velvet.

Step 8

Finally, here you are at the final step. It just requires you to add a soft throw for a final touch.


I hope to lay in bed like a designer is a no-brainer job now. With the easy-to-follow steps mentioned, everyone can ace the game of dressing the bed, making it look fluffy and glamorous.

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