Smart Bedding Innovation: Never Waste Time Making Your Bed Again

Do you waste a lot of time each morning making your bed like your mama taught you? Or, are you one of those people who think there is no use in making your bed since you are just going to get in it again tonight? We write about optimization a lot on Bit Rebels, and if you are a traditional morning bed-maker, you probably waste spend several minutes each morning fixing it up just right. With this new bedding innovation, you’ll never have to make your bed again.

If you use a flat sheet on your bed, which you sleep under, you’ll really appreciate this solution. Often times, by morning, the flat sheet is all bunched up at the bottom of the bed (see below). Making your bed can be a real hassle when you have to straighten that sheet each day. This new type of bedding eliminates the need to straighten that sheet. All you’ll have to do is basically smooth out your duvet, which should only take about a couple seconds. Talk about optimization!

This simple solution to a time consuming endeavor that has plagued our mornings for decades comes to us from John Wheatley and Marshall Haas. According to their research, it can take around 90 seconds to make a bed with traditional bedding (it takes me longer). With this Smart Bedding, you’ll be able to make your bed in 2 seconds. They’ve calculated that making this change will save you over 30 days of time over your lifetime. Wow, I never knew making the bed was such a time suck until right now.

They are running a Kickstarter campaign to finalize this product and deliver it to everyone who needs it. They were seeking $10,000 in funding, and at the time I’m writing this, they have raised almost $25,000. Since this campaign is already funded, it’s a sure thing. You can click over to their Kickstarter page to pledge if you’d like to get your own set of Smart Bedding. Making your bed will never be the same again!

Never Waste Time Making Your Bed Again

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Via: [NPR]