Male Grooming – The Stats, Trends & The Future [Infographic]

According to a market research conducted by Technavio, the hair care industry is set to grow to become a 91 billion dollar industry by the year 2019. Research also concludes that this is largely due to the increase in male beauty products and male grooming. This can be attributed to a lot of different reasons, however, male grooming is on the rise and in this article we are going to take a closer look at this phenomenon. Continue reading below to discover which categories in male grooming have been growing during the past few years.

Hair Care & Shampoos

It seems that the biggest share in this category is going out to the Americas and the United States in specific, with a share of revenue of almost 15%.
According to research, Shampoos contributed to around a 34% market share in 2014 and is expected to continue growing to reach a market value of almost 28 billion dollars in 2019. Market research predicts that the biggest players in the shampoo category will be India, Brazil, and China.

Lotions & Shaving Creams

With regards to shaving creams and lotions, the statistics are staggering in terms of growth. Men are now more than ever beauty conscious and increasingly looking to test out the latest beauty products which has, in turn, contributed to an expected annual growth rate of around 7% from today until the year 2019.

Male Grooming Is Rising

The men’s grooming sector has been rising substantially over the past years, with hair care, shampoos and skincare being the center of attention.

During the past several years, multiple popular products have been unleashed for men which include Tame The Best’s Beast Box Men’s Grooming Set, Neutrogena’s Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash, Molton Brown’s Deep-Clean Mineral Ions Face Wash, Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lip Balm and finally Anthony Logistic’s Oil Free Facial Lotion.

To get a better idea how much male grooming is actually expected to grow, we have found an infographic called “Stats, Trends & The Future Of Male Grooming” by & Rana Tarakji. This infographic illustrates related stats and trends when it comes to the male grooming industry. No doubt is the grooming industry going to get a jolt of new customers as men start using more grooming products.

The Rise And Statistics Of Male Grooming

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Stats Trends Future Male Grooming Infographic

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