Is Your Marriage Over? – These Signs Will Tell You So

Divorce is very common nowadays and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Marriage, like any other relationship, doesn’t have to last forever. Marriage is all about sharing; both of you need to make an effort to make it work. However, some signs can come up later in the relationship that clarifies that it’s just not worth it. Sometimes it’s better to move on than to keep pondering about where it all went wrong. You will know when it’s time to turn the page but if you’re still unsure, here are the most evident signs your marriage is coming to an end.

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1. You Don’t Talk As Much

Sometimes a simple “tell me about your day,” is a sign that you still care about one another and that you want to be part of each others’ day. But you’ve come to the point where you feel like talking won’t fix what’s broken. If the silence has become deafening, it’s a sign something is wrong.

2. You Fight Too Much Or Too Little

Fighting too much or too little can say a lot about your relationship. Every time you start a conversation, it escalates into a fight and you have no clue how it has come to this. Your anger rises and your voices are raised and you go to sleep feeling lousy. It’s a sign you have become disconnected and you both refuse to compromise. However, if you’re not fighting as much because you feel like it’s not worth it anymore and that the fight will amount to nothing, consider it a red flag. In that case, it would be a bit harder to break the news to your spouse. You will find tips from on how to soften the blow useful. Make sure to take your time and think carefully about what you’re going to say.

3. One Of You Is Cheating, Even If Just Emotionally

You’re not supposed to be able to imagine your life with someone who is not your spouse. You’re also not supposed to be physically cheating on one another, whether by just dating or having an intimate relationship. If you’re cheating or being cheated on, in both cases, the relationship is only hurting both of you. In most cases, it will be hard to forgive and let go, so divorce is very likely on the way.

4.  You Lost Respect For One Another

Respect should be a pillar for a good marriage. For any relationship to work, both partners need to respect one another. You both start to show signs of disrespect, like insensitive comments and eye-rolls. If things like cheating or insulting one another consistently made you lose what’s left of respect you had, then maybe the time to call it quits is near.

5.  You’re Not Even Jealous

You learned about their affairs but you don’t even care anymore. At this point, you just want a way out of it. The idea of them spending their lives with someone else doesn’t bother you as much as it once did.

6.  You Have No Sexual Life

You don’t want to live with your spouse like you’re roommates. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship but it’s important as it creates an emotionally intimate connection. If you both don’t feel like doing it anymore although you’re both in good health, then something just isn’t right.

7.  You Talk Badly About One Another

You’re hanging out with your friend and you find yourself frowning and badmouthing your spouse? That shouldn’t be the case but sometimes the frustration makes it hard for you to see something good in your partner. Their image in your head is broken and smeared by the bad times you’ve had together.

8.  You Don’t Want to Fix It

You went to couples therapy and it’s not even remotely working out or you don’t want to go to couples therapy. In both cases, you know that you don’t feel like trying to make it work out. You’re purposely driving your relationship to a dead-end because you know that it will never be the same it was anyway.

It’s a sad thing when two people fall out of love, yet it can happen to anyone. If you feel like marriage has become emotionally draining and divorce comes to your mind a lot; if there are a lot of fights, secrets, and slamming doors; if there are no apologies when they are needed; if you can’t even listen to people telling you that you need to work more on it –  it means it’s time to close one chapter and open another one. To have your fresh start, you need to have your closure first.

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