McDonald’s Happy Meals Just Got A Lot Less Happy

For a long time now we’ve seen the news about McDonald’s food, and it’s usually not pretty. We’ve always seen reports that fast food is tied to obesity, but it seems like there has been a specific attack on McDonald’s in the past year.

Most recently, it has been reports on countless blogs about how McDonald’s food doesn’t decay. In this Huffington Post article, it says the Happy Meal looks the same after sitting on the table for six months. I found another article that said it looks the same after twelve years.

Well, who knows if it was all that bad press or just because the people of San Francisco are so darn healthy, but as of today, the Happy Meals there just got a lot less happy. What they have done is actually very creative, I just don’t know if it will be enough to combat the obesity problem in this country. Instead of making food choices for people, which would be inappropriate, they have come up with another way to make the Happy Meal less attractive. Yesterday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted (8-3) to ban giving away toys in children’s meals that are high in calories, fat and/or sodium. Obviously, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this ruling.

However, if you are a mom like me, you know that it’s the toy in the Happy Meal that most often attracts our children. Since I don’t like for my son to eat McDonald’s often, years ago, I started just buying the toy out right. It used to cost $1, but now it’s $1.50. That seems like a lot to pay considering the entire meal is about $3. But, that’s not the point. To me, it’s not a matter of money; it’s a matter of health. You go San Francisco; I’m behind you all the way!

[via Inhabitat]