Metal Neckties: Are You A Silver Or A Gold Person?

The tie is an essential clothing accessory for any geek. Since venturing into the unknown is what we geeks are best at, it’s only fitting that we start picking up new trends so that we, once again, can put a fashion statement into the world that says… well, that we’re geeks! So, as you might understand, the average necktie does not measure up to the static fixture of a geek’s wardrobe. To solve that problem, we now have some options available to us that we can choose from.

How about cashing in on an investment that says, “I just invested in gold!” Well, not really… Now there are metal neckties available from seller “jjd85262” on Etsy. Yeah, that awesome hand crafted online shop which pretty much has everything you could ever think of. If not, you can be sure someone will put it up there soon.

Maybe they don’t come in gold or silver, but they do come in the metals of brass, stainless steel, steel and, of course, aluminum. They are not overly expensive either since they go for $30 a pop. So if you want to make a fashion statement at work, among your friends, or just as a funny party joke, I would urge you to get a couple of these. Are these the new bling for a geek?